Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball 2024

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Titleist Tour Soft

  • Softness is just the beginning: Every other soft ball fades in comparison to Titleist Tour Soft. This game-changer delivers distance, control, and the confidence to take on any course. Experience the true meaning of soft power.

Features and Technology

  • Experience the impossible: A golf ball that's both long and soft? Introducing the Titleist Tour Soft with its groundbreaking faster large core. Get ready to rewrite the rules of the game.
  • Dial in your wedge game: Introducing a new, thin reformulated cover that grips like never before, delivering pinpoint accuracy and spin even on delicate chip shots. (Image: golfer confidently chipping close to the pin)
  • Laser-guided control: Feel the difference with a revolutionary cover that grabs the rough, bites the green, and takes guesswork out of every short game shot. (Image: close-up of a golf ball leaving a deep spin mark on the green)
  • The science of flight: Years of research and engineering have culminated in our groundbreaking dimple design, a masterpiece of aerodynamic efficiency (Image: Infographic showcasing the dimple design and its scientific principles)
  • Unleash the power within: Our unique dimples unlock the ball's hidden potential,maximizing performance beyond anything you've experienced. (Image: Golf ball with dimples glowing or pulsating with energy) 


Flight: MID


Long Game Spin: LOW

Short Game Spin: MID