Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball

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Titleist TruFeel  

  • Craving distance with a velvet touch? TruFeel bridges the gap, marrying plush feel with Titleist's legendary performance. Trust your swing, trust TruFeel.


Features and Technology  

The secret to TruFeel's magic lies in its oversized TruTouch core. This innovative design delivers a delightful buttery feel at impact (think marshmallows, not rocks) while unleashing explosive power for maximum distance.


No more unpredictable slices or nosedives. TruFeel's dimple design acts like a miniature airbrake, ensuring your shot pierces the air with pinpoint accuracy and consistent yardage (image of a golf ball with distance markings flying a controlled, predictable trajectory).


Can a cover be both a pillow and a magnet? TruFlex 3.0 defies logic. It cradles your chips like a plush cushion while magnetizing them to the green for unparalleled spin and control (image of a half-golf ball showing the soft inner core on one side and the dimpled cover with a green magnet attached on the other).



Flight- LOW


Long Game Spin- LOW

Short Game Spin- LOW