Titleist Avx Golf Ball 2024

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Titleist AVX

Tired of sacrificing distance for control? Craving a softer feel that inspires belief? Say hello to the new Titleist AVX. It rips off the tee, bites on the green, and feels like butter. Ditch the doubt, unleash your confidence. The AVX is here.

Features and Technology

  • Science of the smash: It's not magic, it's engineering. The cutting-edge high-speed, high-gradient core is a masterpiece of physics, designed to maximize energy transfer and send your drives soaring.
  • Feel the control: Experience the magic of spin. The new urethane cover lets you sculpt your shots with the touch of a maestro, leaving you in command of every chip and pitch.

Don't worry about the technical jargon. Just know that the new high-flex casing is like a secret weapon in your golf ball, working behind the scenes to give you longer, straighter drives. More distance, less frustration, pure golfing bliss. (Think image of a golfer smiling on the tee box with a golf ball icon next to them showing reduced spin)


  • Feel the flight: Experience the thrill of a piercing ball flight. The new dimple pattern unlocks a new level of power and precision, sending your shots soaring through the air with pinpoint accuracy. (Think image of a golfer teeing off with a determined look, with a golf ball with the new dimple pattern visible in the foreground)


Flight- LOW

Feel- Very Soft

Long Game Spin- LOW

Short Game Spin- HIGH