Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

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Titleist Velocity

This isn't just a golf ball, it's a statement. It's for those who refuse to be held back by yardage limitations. It's for the distance seekers, the fairway crushers, the champions in the making.

Features and Technology

It's not just about yards, it's about the feeling. The Velocity ignites a satisfying fury with every swing. The high-speed LSX core transfers energy like a slingshot, propelling your ball towards the horizon with a thunderous "thwack!"

A golf ball with the described dimple pattern soaring over a bunker or other obstacle on the course.

Forget dreaded doglegs and intimidating hazards. The 350 octahedral dimples work their magic, launching your ball on a towering flight that effortlessly clears obstacles and leaves you with a clear path to the green. Dominate any course with confidence, knowing your drives will conquer the skies.

This isn't just a fabric, it's an innovative masterpiece. The fast NAZ+ cover is engineered with cutting-edge materials and meticulous design to optimize spin and feel. Experience the science of touch in every greenside approach, transforming short game woes into confident artistry.