XXIO 13 Ladies Fairway Wood | Custom

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XXIO 13 Ladies Fairway Wood

Swing for more distance and accuracy with the XXIO 13 Ladies Fairway Woods. Designed for golfers with moderate swing speeds, these lightweight clubs help you launch the ball farther and straighter off the tee or fairway. XXIO’s innovative technologies, built specifically for women’s swings, promote faster ball speed and improved control for a more consistent game. Take your game to the next level with XXIO 13.

Features and Technology


Crafted for smooth swings and powerful strikes, the XXIO's innovative airfoil technology acts like mini-wings. During your downswing, these airfoils reduce drag and keep the clubhead stable. This allows for a more controlled strike, guiding the face squarely into the ball for better contact and increased ball speed.

BiFlex Face

The XXIO's BiFlex Face isn't just one big piece of metal. It features a clever design with unique shapes on the toe and heel. The toe gets a wider, rounded edge for more flex, while the heel has a sharper, narrower edge for added control. These contrasting shapes optimize stiffness across the face, creating a larger sweet spot with high rebound for explosive distance on every shot. Imagine the BiFlex Face as a trampoline with a strong outer frame, strategically reinforced to maximize power across the entire hitting surface.

Rebound Frame

XXIO's Rebound Frame isn't your average clubface construction. It's like a hidden spring within a spring! By cleverly layering stiff and flexible zones, it acts like a trampoline, boosting the clubface's spring effect across the hitting area. This translates to more power and distance on every swing, regardless of where you make contact with the ball.

Weight Plus

XXIO's clever weight distribution places more mass in the grip area, imagine a counterweight helping you throughout your swing. It smooths the takeaway, guides you to the perfect position at the top, and simplifies the downswing for cleaner contact and consistent results.

Flat Cup Face

XXIO's Flat Cup Face is a game-changer for distance. It features a larger, thinner center section that acts like a trampoline, boosting ball speed and distance on even off-center hits. Imagine a drumming surface - the center is nice and big for more power, no matter where you hit the ball. And to make this feat possible, XXIO uses a special HT1770M Steel, allowing for an incredibly thin and responsive face.

Cannon Sole

Think of it like a hidden booster under the clubface. This weight is strategically placed in a cannon-shaped compartment, allowing for optimal mass distribution without sacrificing face flex. This is especially beneficial for low shots, where the weight helps get the ball airborne for longer distance.

Step Crown

The stepped crown shape works like a secret partner to the Rebound Frame, by promoting more flex in the face for explosive power. But that's not all! This clever design also reduces weight high up in the clubhead, lowering the center of gravity. The result? A powerful launch and longer carry on every shot.


3 Wood 16° 58° 187cc 42" C0 196g 264g RH only
4 Wood 18° 58.5° 175cc 41.5" 201g 269g
5 Wood 20° 59° 164cc 41" 205g 273g
7 Wood 23° 59.5° 149cc 40.5" 210g 277g
9 Wood 26° 60° 138cc 40" 215g 281g

Stock Shaft:

XXIO 13 Ladies MP-1300L Graphite Ladies Flex

Stock Grip:

XXIO 13 Weight Plus Grip 30g

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