XXIO 13 Fairway Wood

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XXIO 13 Fairway Wood

Unleash effortless distance with the XXIO 13 Fairway Woods. Crafted for moderate swing speeds (under 90 mph), these lightweight clubs pack a technological punch. Their innovative design promotes straighter shots, higher launch, and improved ball speed, all for a more consistent and rewarding game. Experience the XXIO difference today.

Features and Technology


Slice through the air with confidence! The innovative airfoil technology acts like a tiny wing, stabilizing the clubhead throughout your swing. It channels airflow to guide the face for a square strike, maximizing sweet spot contact and boosting ball speed for powerful, consistent results.


Built for forgiveness, the BiFlex Face features a double dose of innovation. Its edges are strategically shaped - rounded and flexible on the toe for off-center hits, and sharp on the heel for control. This dynamic duo works with the high-flex face to create a larger sweet spot and a trampoline effect for faster ball speeds, no matter where you connect on the face.

Rebound Frame

This innovative design features strategically placed stiff and flexible zones that work together like a spring within a spring. This maximizes trampoline effect across the face, boosting ball speed and distance on every swing, regardless of where you make contact.

Weight Plus Grip

A hidden weapon: a precisely placed counterweight in the grip end. This innovative design feels lighter in your hands, promoting a smooth takeaway and a more balanced swing. It also helps you find the perfect position at the top and encourages a clean release for consistent, powerful contact on every shot.

Flat Cup Face

Made from high-tech HT1770M Steel, the face is incredibly thin and responsive, boosting ball speed and distance regardless of where you connect. It's like having a built-in turbocharger for your swing!

Cannon Sole

By strategically placing weight for an optimized center of gravity, XXIO unlocked higher launch and explosive distance. The unique cannon shape packs a punch without sacrificing forgiveness, especially on low strikes. Experience maximum ball speed and pinpoint accuracy on every swing.

Step Crown

The stepped crown isn't just for looks.This innovative design works double duty. First, it allows the Rebound Frame to flex more freely, maximizing power across the face. Second, by strategically removing weight, it lowers the center of gravity for a higher launch and longer carry. It's like having a built-in cheat code for effortless distance.


3 Wood 15° 58° 43.25" 186cc D2 209g 287g RH/LH
4 Wood 16.5° 58.5° 43" 174cc 211g 290g RH only
5 Wood 18° 59° 42.75" 162cc 214g 292g RH/LH
7 Wood 20° 59.5° 42.25" 147cc 217g 295g
9 Wood 23° 60° 41.75" 135cc 222g 299g RH only

Stock Shaft:

XXIO 13 MP-1300 Graphite 35g/40g (Regular/ *Stiff)

*Stiff flex available through custom only

Stock Grip:

XXIO 13 Weight Plus Grip 36g

Headcover Included:


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