XXIO 13 Driver

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XXIO 13 Driver

  • Struggling with swing speed and tired of heavy clubs? XXIO 13 is your answer. This premium driver is built for effortless power and accuracy, helping you enjoy the game like never before.

Features and Technology  


  • Two-stage airflow mastery: XXIO 13's groundbreaking ActivWing utilizes a dual-stage aerodynamic design to actively stabilize the clubhead during downswing, promoting a consistent, on-center strike for explosive ball speed.


Imagine a driver face that's both flexible for explosive power and strong for consistent speed across the entire surface. That's the magic of XXIO 13's BiFlex Face.

  • Look closely at the corners (toe and heel). You'll notice distinct shapes:

    • The toe edge is rounded and stretched, allowing for more flex and higher ball speeds on off-center hits.
    • The heel edge is narrow and sharp, providing added rigidity for better control and distance on center strikes.
  • This strategic design creates a larger "high COR area" (Coefficient of Restitution), meaning more energy transfer from club to ball, no matter where you connect.


Rebound Frame is the secret sauce behind XXIO 13's distance prowess. This innovative technology combines alternating stiff and flexible zones, essentially creating a "spring within a spring" effect that maximizes Coefficient of Restitution (COR) for explosive ball speed. Further enhanced by the Flat Cup Face, the driver delivers consistent power and distance no matter where you connect with the ball.


Say goodbye to swing fatigue and hello to effortless bombs! XXIO 13's Weight Plus Technology is like having a built-in swing coach, guiding you to:

  • Easier swings: Less club weight means less effort, making golf more enjoyable.
  • Sharper aim: A controlled swing plane leads to more consistent ball flight and straighter drives.
  • Explosive distance: Effortless speed translates to longer drives that leave your playing partners in awe.

Unlock your hidden potential with XXIO 13's Weight Plus Technology. It's the secret to effortlessly crushing the ball, hole after hole. 


XXIO 13's Flat Cup Face = bigger sweet spot, explosive power, more distance. It's that simple.


For the golf tech enthusiast, XXIO 13's 6-Segment Bulge and Roll Face represents a breakthrough in ball flight control.

  • This innovative technology segments the face into six distinct zones, each featuring a precise combination of bulge (bulge outwards) and roll (varying face angle) profiles.
  • These targeted variations in face geometry subtly adjust spin characteristics at impact, effectively correcting hooks, slices, and other unwanted trajectories.
  • The result is a driver that automatically helps you hit straighter, more playable shots, regardless of strike location.


Feature9.5° RH10.5° RH/LH11.5° RH
Loft 9.5° 10.5° 11.5°
Hand RH
Lie Angle 59° 59° 59°
Head Volume 460cc 460cc 460cc
Length 45.5" 45.5" 45.5"
Swing Weight D2 D2 D2
Head Weight 199g 199g 199g
Club Weight 286g 286g 286g
Flex Regular (R) Regular (R) Regular (R)