XXIO 13 Ladies Driver | Custom

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XXIO 13 Ladies Driver

Swing easier, hit farther! The XXIO 13 Ladies Driver is lightweight for reduced fatigue and designed to maximize distance and accuracy for moderate swing speeds (under 90 mph). Built with women's swings in mind, it delivers straighter shots and incredible forgiveness, making your game smoother than ever.

Features and Technology


Streamlined for power! The XXIO 13 Driver's innovative ActivWing cuts through the air, stabilizing the clubhead for straighter swings. This two-stage design also helps you find the sweet spot more consistently, boosting ball speed for longer distances.

BiFlex Face

Bigger sweet spot, more forgiveness! The XXIO 13 Driver features a BiFlex Face with a specially designed frame. This frame flexes differently on the toe and heel, creating a larger high-performance area for powerful, accurate shots even on mishits.

Rebound Frame

Unleash explosive distance! The XXIO 13 Driver features a Rebound Frame with a spring-like effect. This combines stiff and flexible zones to transfer more energy to the ball, and the Flat Cup Face further maximizes power across the entire hitting surface for longer drives.

Weight Plus

The XXIO 13 Driver positions weight in the grip for a more effortless swing. This counterbalance design makes it easier to start your swing, maintain control at the top, and release smoothly for consistent, powerful contact with the ball.

Flat Cup Face

The XXIO 13 Driver features a Flat Cup Face with a larger, thinner center for maximum ball speed and distance on every swing. This design, combined with the Super-TIX® 51AF Titanium face, allows for a thinner and faster face for even more explosive power across the hitting surface.

6-Segment Bulge and Roll

Straighter shots, more distance!The XXIO 13 Driver features a segmented Bulge and Roll face design. This innovative technology corrects for off-center hits by strategically shaping different sections of the face. It helps the ball launch straighter and carry farther, even on mishits, keeping your drives in play for more scoring opportunities.


10.5° R 59° 44.5" C8 195g 267g 460cc RH only
11.5° L 43.5" C3 193g 262g
12.5° L C1 190g 259g
13.5° L 190g 259g

*Regular Flex available for 11.5°-13.5° through custom only.

Stock Shaft:

XXIO 13 Ladies MP-1300L - 34g

Stock Grip:

XXIO 13 Weight Plus Grip

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