Srixon Q-Star Tour Golf Ball

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Srixon Q-Star Tour

Swinging like a pro isn't a prerequisite for tour-level performance. Meet the all-new Q-STAR TOUR, the game-changer for moderate swing speed players. Unleash distance, feel, and control like never before, with its reformulated FastLayer Core, softer urethane cover, and Spin Skin technology. It's your shortcut to tour-inspired confidence, no swing change required.  


Features and Technology

Imagine peeling back the layers of a high-performance golf ball like an onion. That's the magic behind the Q-STAR TOUR's revolutionary core. Thousands of layers blend seamlessly, starting firm at the heart and gradually softening towards the surface. This meticulous transition unlocks two superpowers:

  • Explosive distance: The slightly higher compression in the core acts like a springboard, propelling the ball off the tee with unleashed ball speed.
  • Laser-sharp accuracy: Despite the boosted power, the softer outer layers tame unwanted sidespin, ensuring your drives and irons find their mark with tour-level precision.

A microscopic view of Spin Skin molecules on the Q-STAR TOUR ball's urethane cover. The molecules have a unique, spring-like shape, like tiny coils.

Imagine zooming in on your golf ball at the molecular level. That's where Spin Skin shines. This proprietary coating infuses the premium urethane cover with specially designed molecules that act like microscopic springs. When your iron or wedge makes contact, these super-elastic coils grab onto the grooves like never before.

Result:Explosive friction on every approach shot, generating increased spin and unmatched control. Imagine stopping your ball on a dime near the pin, all thanks to the unseen power of Spin Skin.


  • Next-level stopping power unlocked. Q-STAR TOUR's cutting-edge cover and Spin Skin coating work in harmony to deliver tour-proven spin and pinpoint control, shot after shot.

  • Harness the wind, conquer any course. Q-STAR TOUR's 338 dimples are aerodynamically engineered, slashing through air resistance like a hot knife through butter for penetrating launches, laser-straight flight, and explosive distance.




Color Options Pure White, Tour Yellow
Swing Speed 75+ mph
Launch Mid-High
Construction 3-Piece
Cover Material Urethane
Cover Thickness 0.5mm
Compression 74
Dimple Number 338