Srixon Q-Star Divide Golf Ball

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Srixon Q-Star Tour Divide Golf Balls


Introducing the Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE, a golf ball that elevates both your game and your style.

      Experience the ultimate in visibility and performance with its:

  • 360° alignment: Vibrant colors let you see your putting line on any green.
  • Strobe effect: Visualize spin on every wedge shot for precise control around the green.
  • Enhanced performance: Higher compression and a soft matte cover deliver explosive ball speeds, amplified spin, and incredible feel.

Take your game to the next level with the Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE.


Features and Technology

See Your Line

  • Imagine never missing a putt due to misalignment. DIVIDE's 360° seam lets you aim with pinpoint accuracy, from any angle.
  • Confidence on every green. DIVIDE's full-circle alignment eliminates confusion, guaranteeing perfect putt setup.

See Your Spin

  • DIVIDE: Where wedge shots become slow-motion ballet. Its hypnotic spin strobe unlocks your short game genius.
  • See spin, conquer green. DIVIDE's visual feedback is your key to mastering every chip and pitch.

Fast Layer Core

Unleash your inner bomber without sacrificing precision. DIVIDE's reformulated core packs a punch for explosive distance, but its soft inner layers tame long-game sidespin, keeping your drives down the fairway and your approaches laser-focused. It's the best of both worlds, wrapped in a single, tour-worthy masterpiece. 


Premium Urethane Cover

  • Melt into the green. DIVIDE's ultra-soft urethane and Spin Skin coating unleash tour-level spin with a cloud-like feel.
  • Grip and rip, redefined. DIVIDE's feather-light cover digs deep like never before, delivering world-class spin and control with every shot.

338 Speed Dimple Pattern

  • Unleash the power of science. DIVIDE's 338 Speed Dimples harness the magic of aerodynamics, reducing drag for a piercing launch and generating lift for hang time that defies gravity.
  • It's not magic, it's physics. DIVIDE's dimple army streamlines airflow, minimizing drag and maximizing lift, so your shots soar through the air with unwavering accuracy. 


Swing Speed 75+ mph
Launch Mid-High
Construction 3PC
Cover Material Urethane
Cover Thickness 0.5mm
Compression 74
Dimple Number 338