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Orange Whip Trainer - Golf Swing Trainer

Buy the Orange Whip Trainer, golf swing trainer from Just Say Golf.  The 47" Orange Whip is the most popular swing trainer in the Orange Whip family.  The Orange Whip provides and excellent sense of feel for tempo, swing plane, and balance.  The Orange Whip from Just Say Golf comes at the lowest price, with free shipping.

The Orange Whip Trainer is the perfect tool for perfecting your tempo, swing plain and swing balance.  Release the clubhead too soon, and you'll feel it.  Break down a the top of the backswing, and the Orange Whip Trainer will let you know.  The Orange Whip Trainer is also great for building club speed and flexibility.  Need a tool for a pre-round warmup?  The Orange Whip Trainer is perfect for that job too.  

There's 3 key components to the Orange Whip Trainer:

  • Weighted Orange Ball.  The orange ball sits in place of the clubhead.  Having the orange ball instead of the clubhead frees you up from worrying about the position of the golf club so you can feel your natural swing and be aware of what's happening in your motion.
  • Counterweight.  The counterwieght provides balance to prevent the Orange Whip from swinging wildly.  This counterweights provides a swingwieght more similar to that of a traditional golf club.  With the counterweight in place, you can make a natural swing, instead of letting the ball swing wildly.
  • The Orange Whip Trainer's Proprietary Shaft.  The magic of the Orange Whip Trainer is in the flexible shaft, developed specifically for the Orange Whip.  The highly flexible shaft forces the golfer to swing in rhythm and synchronization between arms, hands torso and lower body.  You'll be amazed at how effectively this promotes tempo, balance and properly released leverage in the golf swing.  If your swing gets out of sync, you'll know instantly by the wobbling motion in the shaft.

Visit the driving range of a PGA, LPGA or Champions Tour event and you'll spot the Orange Whip Trainer.  It's used by professional golfers around the world.  It's used for warmups and stretching,  it's used for building strength.  The Orange Whip is used for building tempo and reliability into a golf swing.  The Orange Whip Trainer is truly one of the most useful golf training aids on the market.

The Original Orange Whip Trainer Specs:

Length: 47"  Weight: 1.75 lbs.

This is the longest, and by far the most popular version of the Orange Whip trainer.  It's designed for Men and taller Women to work on full driver swings.  This version is the most physically challenging of the Orange Whip family of trainers.

The Orange Whip Trainer family includes:



Watch for our upcoming review of the Orange Whip Midsize and other Orange Whip products on the JSG Golf Gear Blog.



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