Orange Whip Stan Utley Wedge

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Orange Whip Stan Utley Wedge

The Orange Whip Wedge shorter than the original Orange Whip Trainer, and has a true sand wedge head.  Designed in conjunction with short-game expert Stan Utley, helps promote smooth rhythm for consistent balls striking around the greens.  The Orange Whip Wedge is the perfect tool promoting feel and consistency on wedge shots.  Release the clubhead too soon, and you'll feel it.  Break down a the top of the backswing, and the Orange Whip Wedge will let you know.  The Orange Whip Wedge is also great for building club speed and flexibility.  Need a tool for a pre-round warmup?  The Orange Whip Wedge is perfect for that job too. 

Visit the driving range of a PGA, LPGA or Champions Tour event and you'll spot the Orange Whip Trainer.  It's used by professional golfers around the world.  It's used for warmups and stretching,  it's used for building strength.  The Orange Whip is used for building tempo and reliability into a golf swing.  The Orange Whip Trainer is truly one of the most useful golf training aids on the market.

Specifications of the Orange Whip Stan Utley Wedge Trainer:

Length: 35.5"  Weight: 1.7 lbs.

The Orange Whip Trainer family includes:



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