Cleveland RTX Full-Face 2

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Cleveland RTX Full-Face 2 

  • Tired of saying "no way" to tricky shots? RTX Full-Face 2 says "bring it on!" Grooves everywhere, a high toe for creativity, and spin tech that grips any turf let you pull off flops, lobs, sand saves, and escapes like a pro. Confidence guaranteed.

Features and Technology


  • Blast & milled lines. Surface friction maxed. Spin consistency unleashed. Wet, dry, anywhere. That's HydraZip.


  • Lower lofts = Smoother blast, fewer lines for optimal full-shot spin.
  • Higher lofts = Rougher blast, more lines for amplified friction and greenside magic.

With this tailored spin technology, the RTX Full-Face 2 wedges give you the confidence to attack any pin, anywhere on the course.


Unlock Performance Untamed with ZipCore Technology

Imagine a wedge that's forgiving like a teddy bear, but bites like a shark: that's the magic of Cleveland's innovative ZipCore technology. ?

But how does it work? ZipCore is a genius swap. It replaces heavy steel in the hosel and heel of the wedge with an ultra-light, super-strong, and vibration-dampening core. Think of it as replacing metal weights with high-tech marshmallows!


UltiZip isn't just a technology, it's a weapon for your short game arsenal. It's a meticulously crafted sequence of grooves so sharp, deep, and tight they'll have you spinning the ball like a pro magician. ?

Imagine this:

  • Razor-sharp edges slicing through grass and debris like a hot knife through butter.
  • Deep canyons between grooves, swallowing up sand, dirt, or water so they don't mess with your spin.
  • Tightly packed grooves gripping the ball like a handshake from a metalworker.

And that's not all! UltiZip doesn't skimp on the coverage. We've packed more heel-to-toe grooves than the competition, meaning no matter where you catch the ball, you're getting maximum bite and control.


RTX Full-Face 2 Wedges feature an attractive, optimally shaped high-toe profile designed to enhance your ability to convert on open-face shots. It's a shape that allows for 34% more contact area than RTX 6 ZipCore without a complete departure from our traditional Wedge profile.