Cleveland CBX Full Face 2 Wedge

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Cleveland CBX Full Face 2 Wedge

All-new CBX Full-Face 2 Wedges feature heel-to-toe grooves across the largest striking area ever in a CBX wedge so you can hit more challenging shots with confidence. From full swings to tricky open-face plays around the green, CBX Full-Face 2 is designed to deliver full forgiveness and full fun.

Features of the Cleveland CBX Full Face 2 Wedge


New HydraZip technology features dynamic face blasts formulated to create mighty surface textures that maximize friction for improved spin consistency in wet or dry conditions.

In the CBX Full-Face 2 lineup, loft groupings 50°–52° and 54°–60° receive different blast media and laser patterns. Lower lofts receive a less rough blast, while higher lofts receive a rougher blast and more laser lines for more consistent dry and wet spin performance across the course.


Set in the heart of the Wedge, ZipCore is a new addition for CBX Full-Face 2. Our proprietary, lightweight and low-density core technology, ZipCore reduces vibrations while also perfecting the Center of Gravity and boosting MOI for increased feel, control, consistency and forgiveness.


UltiZip's network of sharp, deep, and tightly spaced grooves enhances spin characteristics for purer performance on every strike. This series is equipped with the sharpest groove radii ever in a CBX Wedge, imparting more spin and more control into all your shots.

Larger Full Face Profile

Hit more extreme, open-face shots with a larger face size—the largest contact area ever on a CBX Wedge. Plus, with 13% more contact area than our RTX Full-Face, that means more grooves from hosel to toe for more forgiveness, no matter where you strike it.

Forgiving Sole Grinds

A new full-sole design with a higher bounce on 50° and 52° lofts provides optimal forgiveness on full swing shots. The C-Shaped sole, featured on 54°–60° lofts, has added bounce in the center and less in the heel for forgiveness and greenside versatility. All sole grinds also feature a new leading-edge bounce chamfer that helps reduce chunking on challenging chips.

Specifications of the Cleveland CBX Full Face 2 Wedge

Loft Sole Bounce Hand Lie Length Steel SW Graphite SW
50° Full 12° RH 64° 35.5" D3 D2
52° Full 12° RH/LH 64° 35.5" D3 D2
54° C-Shaped 12° RH 64° 35.5" D3 D2
56° C-Shaped 12° RH/LH 64° 35.5" D3 D2
58° C-Shaped 12° RH 64° 35.5" D3 D2
60° C-Shaped 12° RH/LH 64° 35.5" D3 D2
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