Cleveland Launcher XL 2 Driver

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Cleveland Launcher XL 2 Driver

Crush drives like never before with the Cleveland Launcher XL 2 Driver, a powerhouse engineered for explosive distance, pinpoint accuracy, and effortless forgiveness. Forget "big hitters only" – this club welcomes all swings, transforming them into bombs soaring down the fairway.

Features and Technology

Mainframe XL Face

Fueled by thousands of AI-simulated swings, Cleveland sculpted a groundbreaking variable thickness face. This tech genius enlarges and reshapes the sweet spot, optimizing energy transfer across the entire face. The result? Explosive ball speeds and distance, even on off-center hits. You swing big, we deliver bombs. Every. Single. Time.

XL Head Design

Launcher XL's reborn design delivers featherweight feel with heavyweight forgiveness. They shaved grams with a whisper-thin crown, backed by a hidden, ultra-strong support system. This freed up mass, which, guided by MainFrame's AI brain, nestled deep and low in the head, creating a center of gravity that launches bombs skyward like majestic, laser-guided missiles.XL just got lighter, meaner, and ready to paint fairways with distance.

Rebound Frame

Launcher XL 2 rocks a double-flex Rebound Frame. Imagine: a spring in a spring, boosting power like a boss. This dance of flex zones unlocks explosive ball speeds & distance, even on mishits. It's your swing on steroids, painting fairways with bombs.

Action Mass CB

A hidden 8-gram counterweight in the grip end, courtesy of Action Mass CB, subtly rebalances the club. This perceived weight shift promotes a lighter feel, leading to a smoother, more controlled backswing. The result? Improved swing path, squarer face at impact, and laser-straight drives.


58.5° 45.5" 460cc D3 (R,S) RH/LH
10.5° 60° D2 (SNR), D3 (R,S)
12° 58.5° D2 (SNR), D3 (R)

Stock Shaft:

MCA Tensei AV Series Blue 55 (Regular, Stiff)

Stock Grip:

Lamkin Crossline 360

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