Cleveland Launcher XL 2 Draw Driver

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Cleveland Launcher XL 2 Draw Driver

Unleash your inner bomber with the Launcher XL 2 Draw Driver. Its innovative MainFrame technology and XL design unlock explosive distance, unmatched forgiveness, and unwavering consistency. Say goodbye to pesky slices and dominate the fairway.

Features and Technology

Mainframe XL Face

AI analyzed thousands of virtual swings, pinpointing the sweet spot. With this intel, Cleveland engineers forged a variable thickness face with an expanded sweet spot and optimized energy transfer, unleashing explosive ball speeds and distance even on off-center hits. It's forgiveness reimagined.

XL Head Design

The new XL Driver is a masterclass in distance and forgiveness. They started by reworking the XL head design and weighting, crafting a lighter build with an ultra-thin crown supported by a hidden, super-strong framework. This freed up crucial mass, which, guided by MainFrame's AI simulations, was strategically placed low and deep in the clubhead. Boom! You get an optimized center of gravity that launches bombs high and long, with pinpoint accuracy thanks to the lighter, more balanced feel. It's a technological tour de force disguised as a driver, ready to paint fairways with majestic drives.

Rebound Frame

This double-flex design features a spring-within-a-spring effect, maximizing energy transfer through two zones of staged flexibility: a flexible ring near the face and a stiffer rear section. This translates to explosive ball speeds and amplified distance, outpacing your wildest drives.

Action Mass CB

Action Mass CB packs an 8-gram punch at the grip end, subtly counterbalancing the club. This perceived weight shift promotes a lighter feel, encouraging a smoother, controlled backswing. The result? Improved swing path, squarer face at impact, and laser-straight drives.


59.5° 45.5"   460cc   D2   RH*
10.5° 61° RH/LH
12° 59.5° RH/LH

*Left Hand available in 9° through custom only

Stock Shaft:

Aldila Ascent PL 40 (Senior, Regular, Stiff)

Stock Grip:

Lamkin Crossline 360

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