Cleveland HALO XL Hybrid

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Cleveland HALO XL Hybrid

Looking for a boost in your game? The all-new HALO XL Hybrids are engineered to conquer challenging lies, dense rough, and even fairway bunkers with ease. Featuring enhanced GlideRail sole technology, these clubs allow smooth interaction with the turf, while the advanced MainFrame design increases MOI for greater forgiveness. With these hybrids in your bag, you’ll approach every shot on the course with confidence, knowing you’ve got the perfect tool to get the job done.

Features and Technology


The HALO XL Hybrids feature three prominent, tapered rails along their soles, ensuring optimal ball contact and smooth turf interaction. These rails are meticulously designed to glide effortlessly through the grass, allowing you to maintain clubhead speed and keep the clubface square at impact. Whether you're dealing with the rough or navigating a difficult lie, these rails provide the support you need for a successful shot.

MainFrame XL

Each HALO XL Hybrid is designed to maximize distance and enhance forgiveness, thanks to the innovative MainFrame XL technology. This technology utilizes a variable thickness face pattern to enlarge and reshape the sweet spot, ensuring greater energy transfer across the face. Additionally, advanced AI technology helped Cleveland strategically position weight pads within the clubhead, promoting long, high-launching ball flights.

XL Head Design

The redesigned XL Head Designs enable Cleveland to redistribute more mass away from the club's center, significantly increasing the MOI for enhanced forgiveness and consistency with every shot. These hybrids also incorporate the HiBore Crown Step, which lowers the Center of Gravity in the clubhead, resulting in longer and straighter ball flights. Additionally, the deeper faces provide a larger, more forgiving striking area.

Rebound Frame

The HALO XL Hybrids stand out with their unique Rebound Frame technology, which allows them to flex twice at impact. This innovative feature acts like a spring within a spring, with an additional layer of flexibility positioned just behind the face and reinforced by extra stiffness at the rear of the clubhead. When you strike the ball, these dual flex zones activate in unison, maximizing energy transfer and delivering powerful shots.

Action Mass CB

The Action Mass CB feature incorporates an 8-gram counterweight at the top of the shaft, right near your grip. This added weight in your hands gives the club a lighter feel, enhancing stability and control during your backswing. It also encourages a more inside swing path and helps maintain a square clubface through impact, leading to straighter shots.


3 18° 60.5° 40.5" 136cc D0 (SNR), D1 (REG, STF) RH/LH
4 21° 61° 40" 123cc
5 24° 61.5° 39.5" 112cc RH only
6 27° 62° 39" 101cc
7 30° 62.5° 38.5" 90cc

Stock Shafts:

Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw Blue 65 (Stiff, Regular)

Aldila Ascent PL 50 (Senior)

Stock Grip:

Lamkin Crossline 360


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