Cleveland HALO XL Hy-Wood

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Cleveland HALO XL Hy-Wood

Ditch the clunky Fairway Wood, hello Hy-Wood control! This bridge between worlds gives you pinpoint accuracy and XL distance in a head-turning design. Cleveland's tech gurus loaded it with forgiveness, so say goodbye to duffs and hello to bombs soaring down the fairway.

Features and Technology


Ditch rough woes! HALO XL Hy-Woods boast three XL GlideRails - think miniature runways for your clubhead. These tapered beauties slice through any lie, rough or fairway, keeping your swing smooth and face square at impact. Translation? Effortless launch, consistent strikes, and way less drama on the deck. It's time to rewrite your long game narrative, one effortless swing at a time.

Mainframe XL

Forget finicky sweet spots! HALO XL Hy-Woods pack MainFrame XL muscle - variable thickness tech that blankets a massive zone with forgiveness, maximizing energy transfer wherever you connect. Think XL bombs, even on off-center hits. Plus, AI-powered weight pads inside unlock sky-high trajectories every swing. Hy-Wood: Big forgiveness, bigger distance. Game on.

XL Head Design

They re-sculpted HALO XL Hy-Woods to shift weight off-center, boosting MOI for rock-solid forgiveness on every strike. HiBore Crown Step drops the CG like a boss, launching laser-straight drives that paint fairways all day. And wait, there's more! Deeper faces unlock a generous sweet spot, so even mishits sing. HALO XL Hy-Wood - where forgiveness meets distance and rewrites your long game narrative.

Rebound Frame

Unleash the hidden spring in your swing with HALO XL Hy-Woods! Forget one-dimensional flex, these bad boys boast Rebound Frame - a double-spring masterpiece that amplifies power like never before. Imagine: a spring nestled inside another,boosting ball speed like a boss. This symphony of flex zones - a flexible ring near the face and a stiffer rear section - work together like magic, maximizing energy transfer at impact. The result? Explosive distance, even on off-center hits. It's like having a built-in turbo boost for your swing. Ready to rewrite your long game with XL bombs? Rebound Frame awaits.

Action Mass CB

Action Mass CB subtly counterbalances the club with a hidden weight, making it feel lighter. This promotes a smoother backswing, inside swing path, and squaring the face at impact, leading to laser-straight shots.


3+ 17° 59° 42" 162cc D1 RH/LH
4+ 20° 59.5° 41.5" 147cc

Stock Shaft:

Aldila Ascent PL 40 (Senior, Regular, Stiff)

Stock Grip:

Lamkin Crossline 360

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