Cleveland Halo XL Full-Face Irons Graphite

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Cleveland Halo XL Full-Face Irons Graphite 

Ever stare down at your ball, heart pounding, and envision a monster shot taking flight? A soaring iron that explodes off the clubface, leaving jaws agape and birdies begging?

That's the dream. That's what HALO XL Full-Face Irons are forged for. Forget limitations. Embrace the thrill of possibility, where every swing whispers tales of epic distance and pinpoint precision.

Features and Technology  


  • Forget inconsistent strikes! We tapped into AI power to study thousands of swings, map impact zones, and unlock the secrets of ball-blasting speed across the entire face. Then, we used that knowledge to create a variable thickness design that super-sizes the sweet spot for explosive distance on every shot. But that's not all - AI also helped us optimize weight placement inside the clubhead for game-changing forgiveness, no matter where you connect.


  • Say goodbye to off-center meltdowns! HALO XL's revolutionary full-face grooves mean spin city, no matter where you connect. And get this: the sweet spot isn't just big, it's 20% bigger than before, so crank up the confidence and watch the ball launch with explosive spin on every swing.


  • HALO XL Full-Face introduces a novel two-groove alignment system engineered for enhanced aiming accuracy. Two thicker white grooves strategically positioned on the lower portion of the face provide visual indicators for optimal clubface angle at address and centered ball position. Additionally, a shorter groove placed further up the face assists with proper ball positioning, while a longer groove above serves as a visual guide for aligning the clubhead to the target line.


  • Unleash your inner short-game wizard with HALO XL's HydraZip. This smart tech adjusts the face texture depending on the loft, giving you explosive distance on long irons and laser-like spin on wedges. Rain or shine, rough lies or perfect fairway, HydraZip ensures consistent control and confidence on every shot.


  • HALO XL's larger Hybrid-Iron profile facilitates optimal mass distribution, effectively increasing the Moment of Inertia (MOI) and strategically positioning the Center of Gravity (CG) for enhanced forgiveness. This translates to high-launching ball flights, superior shot dispersion, and increased resistance to clubhead twisting at impact, resulting in straighter, more consistent shot trajectories. 


  • Unleash your inner shot-making artist with HALO XL's versatile sole technology. Whether you're crushing long bombs, shaping mid-iron approaches, or mastering delicate wedge play, each club features a dedicated sole design for optimal turf interaction and consistent contact. Forget about digging or skipping - HALO XL keeps your shots pure and confident on every swing. 


Action Mass CB places an 8-gram counterweight in the end of the shaft near the very top of your grip. The feel of added weight in your hands helps the club seem lighter, promoting a more stable, controlled backswing. It also helps promote a more inside swing path, squarer club face through impact, and, ultimately, straighter shots.


ClubLoft (°)HandLie (°)Offset (mm)Length (in)Swing Weight (Grip)Swing Weight (Head)
4 20 RH/LH 61.5 2.3 39.125 D2 D0
5 23 RH/LH 62 2.2 38.5 D2 D0
6 26 RH/LH 62.5 2.1 37.875 D2 D0
7 29 RH/LH 63 2.0 37.25 D2 D0
8 33 RH/LH 63.5 2.0 36.75 D2 D0
9 38 RH/LH 64 1.9 36.25 D2 D0
PW 43 RH/LH 64.5 1.8 36 D2 D0
GW 48 RH/LH 65 1.3 35.75 D3 D1
SW 54 RH 65 0.6 35.75 D3 D1