Callaway Chrome Tour Triple Track Golf Ball

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Callaway Chrome Tour Triple Track Golf Ball 

  • Take your game to the next level with Chrome Tour's explosive distance, unwavering accuracy, and unmatched greenside precision.
  • Unlock your scoring potential with Chrome Tour's game-changing combination of speed, control, and feel.
  • Own the course with Chrome Tour's distance dominance, pinpoint accuracy, and masterful spin.

Features and Technology

Exceptionally Fast Ball Speeds 

For the golfer who has it all, except the perfect ball. Introducing the Hyper Fast Soft Core, crafted specifically for those who crave epic distance without compromising on exquisite feel. Take control of your game and experience the thrill of every shot.

Consistent Ball Flight 

  • Experience the cutting edge of aerodynamics with the Seamless Tour Aero. This revolutionary package features cutting-edge dimple patterns and optimized airflow channels to deliver unwavering flight stability in any weather.It's like having a built-in wind shield for your ball.

Incredible Greenside Spin and Control 

Dive into the science of spin with the High-Performance Tour Urethane Soft Cover. This innovative cover features a cutting-edge urethane formulation that maximizes friction for aggressive spin generation, even on long irons and fairway woods.Take command of your ball flight and sculpt your way to lower scores.

More Consistent Performance 

For the golfer who demands the best, Precision Technology delivers. Over 100 million data points inform every aspect of Chrome Soft ball production, resulting in performance so consistent, it's like an extension of your own swing. Elevate your game with the confidence of unwavering accuracy and control.

 Advanced Alignment From Triple Track Technology 

Unlock next-level putting precision with Triple Track. These innovative lines utilize Vernier Hyper Acuity, a visual trick that fools your brain into perceiving a more precise alignment compared to simple side-stamp markings.Imagine lining up with laser focus and watching your putts find their way to the cup with stunning accuracy.