Callaway Apex CB 24 Irons

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Callaway Apex CB 24 Irons


The best players in the world demand the highest level of performance and feel from their equipment. That's why Callaway worked tirelessly with them to revolutionize every detail of the new Apex CB '24 irons. The result is a tour-cavity back iron that is designed to deliver a pure feel, precise shot-making, and workability.

Features and Technology

Pure Forged Performance

The Apex CB irons are forged using a five-step process that results in a buttery-soft feel that discerning players crave. The body and face are forged as one piece, which creates a perfectly balanced design that enhances workability and control. Strategically placed MIM weights in the heel and toe further enhance the balance and forgiveness of the irons.

Progressive CG Design for Added Control

A progressive CG throughout the set delivers the ideal trajectory for each iron. The long irons feature a lower CG to promote towering shots that land soft into greens, while the short irons utilize a higher CG to promote more spin and control for delicate shots around the green.

Dynamic Sole Design for Enhanced Turf Interaction

The new Apex CB irons feature a Dynamic Sole Design that is designed to help you maintain speed through the turf and promote consistent contact on all shots. The pre-worn leading edge helps the club cut through the turf more efficiently, while the trailing edge relief ensures a clean exit. The result is an iron sole that is both forgiving and precise, making it ideal for a variety of turf conditions.

Endless Combo Set Possibilities

The Apex Pro irons are designed to be as customizable as possible. You can choose from a variety of loft packages, sole geometries, and shapes to create a set that meets your specific needs. All Pro Series irons feature the same MIM back weight, which gives fitters more control to dial in your swing weights. This level of customization allows you to create a set of irons that is perfectly suited to your game.


3 20.5° 39" 60° 3.3 RH/LH
4 23° 38.5" 60.5° 3.1
5 26° 38" 61° 2.8
6 30° 37.5" 61.5° 2.5
7 34° 37" 62° 2.3
8 38° 36.5" 62.5° 2.1
9 42° 36" 63° 1.9
10 (PW) 46° 35.75" 63.25° 1.6
11 (AW) 50° 35.5" 63.5° 1.4
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