Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo

Posted by Sam on Oct 15, 2019

Cleveland Golf recently released the HB Launcher Turbo product line - a continuation and improvement upon the original HB Launcher that took the golf industry by storm over the last two years. The intuitive design appeals to a large majority of golfers with a look that inspires confidence. These clubs - available in everything from Driver to Wedge - boast incredible forgiveness that is unmatched in the game improvement category of modern golf equipment. Not to mention, the price point is so affordable; don’t forget to add the items to your cart to see our everyday low prices and upgrade today!

Driver / Woods: The HB Turbo driver is simply a pleasure to hit. The club comes in a Standard and a slice-fighting Draw model, making it as versatile as it is good-looking. I immediately noticed how light the driver was and how this contributed to an increase in swing speed as well. Within a sample size of 10 swings, I swung the Taylormade M6 at an average of 113.9 MPH while the Launcher Turbo came in at a whopping 117.2 MPH. I’ve always been a fan of not trying to swing too hard, and I love the feeling of effortless power that this driver gave me. The driver can be one of the most dangerous weapons in the bag, but not if you’re hitting it sideways; the awesome top-line look of this driver gives me confidence every time I step on the tee.

The fairway woods also benefit from a reduction in weight. My favorite feature is the lower center of gravity which helped me increase my launch angle as I tend to de-loft my clubs at impact. I instantly started seeing a higher ball flight that was beneficial for approaching par-5’s and long par-3’s.

Irons / Wedges:I also had the opportunity to hit the irons over the course of a week and I was able to test them against the original Cleveland Launcher HB’s and saw improvements in launch angle, club head speed, and ball speed. I tend to put these irons in a category of their own due to their unique head shape, but it is worth mentioning that they consistently outperformed other popular, premium game improvement irons like the Callaway Rogue-X and the Ping G410 as well. I thought the Turbo’s felt great in my hands and I noticed my missed shots were flying higher and straighter than ever. This is the ultimate iron for anyone looking to improve their ball-striking and distance control. For me, an upgrade to the Launcher Turbo’s is a worthy investment that can fundamentally improve your game.

Additionally, if you are not totally sold on the Launcher Turbo’s, check out the Launcher UHX irons, another new addition to Cleveland’s product line. These bad boys add increased responsiveness and a thinner top-line while maintaining the essence of the Launcher product line. These are a personal favorite of mine because I loved the hollow back in the longer clubs (4-7 iron) and the cavity-back in the short clubs (8-DW). This gave me distance where I needed it without sacrificing control. Talk about a fast track to low scores!

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