XXIO 13 Ladies Hybrid

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XXIO 13 Ladies Hybrid

Unleash your power with XXIO 13 Ladies Hybrids! Designed for moderate swing speeds, these lightweight clubs help you conquer the course. XXIO's innovative technologies, crafted specifically for women's swings, promote longer, straighter shots and improved control for a more confident game. Experience effortless distance and accuracy.

Features and Technology


XXIO's innovative airfoil design isn't just about looks, it's about performance. These clever mini-airfoils act like wind cheaters, smoothing out your swing by reducing drag. This keeps your clubhead steady, guiding the face into the perfect position for impact. The result? More sweet spot connection and a noticeable boost in ball speed for longer, more powerful shots.

BiFlex Face

The secret lies in the unique shaping of the toe and heel. The stretched and rounded toe edge flexes more for off-center hits, while the narrower, sharper heel edge maintains control on powerful strikes. It's like a dynamic sweet spot that expands with every swing. Imagine a trampoline with strategically placed reinforcements - that's the BiFlex Face, optimizing speed across the entire face for explosive distance, no matter where you connect with the ball.

Rebound Frame

XXIO's Rebound Frame technology is like a built-in spring system, cleverly utilizing alternating stiff and flexible zones. This innovative design acts like a spring within a spring, maximizing energy transfer at impact for explosive ball speed. The result? More distance on every shot, regardless of how you connect with the ball.

Weight Plus

Swing smoother, strike truer. XXIO's hidden grip weight guides your swing like a pendulum for perfect contact and consistent results.

Flat Cup Face

XXIO's Flat Cup Face features a larger, ultra-thin center for maximum power. This design boosts ball speed and distance on even off-center hits. The secret? Special HT1770M Steel allows for a remarkably thin, responsive face that delivers explosive distance on every swing.

Cannon Sole

Hidden beneath the clubface lies XXIO's secret weapon - a floating weight pad. Shaped like a cannon, it optimizes weight distribution for high launch and distance. This unique design allows for more mass without sacrificing flexibility, especially for low hits, ensuring powerful shots take flight.

Step Crown

XXIO's stepped crown is a multi-tasker. It promotes face flex for Rebound Frame power, but also lowers weight in the head. This double benefit creates a lower center of gravity, launching the ball higher for longer carry.



4 Hybrid 22° 60° 127cc 39" B8 220g 291g RH only
5 Hybrid 25° 60.5° 126cc 38.5" 225g 295g
6 Hybrid 28° 61° 123cc 38" 230g 299g
7 Hybrid 31° 61.5° 121cc 37.5" 235g 304g

Stock Shaft:

Stock Shaft:

XXIO 13 Ladies MP-1300L Graphite Ladies Flex

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XXIO 13 Weight Plus Grip 33g

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