Tour Edge HL-J Junior Set with Stand Bag (Ages 7 to 10) Green

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Tour Edge HL-J Junior Set with Stand Bag (Green)

The Tour Edge HL-J Junior set is perfect for junior golfers who need a set to fit their age, strength and height. Stop bad habits before they form with the proper length and flex for your junior golfer with a new Tour Edge HL-J Junior Set at a great price from Just Say Golf.

The Green Set will fit heights of 52" to 58" (Age 7 to 10 years)

The Tour Edge HL-J junior sets are for boys and girls and offers high-flying technology that makes playing golf fun. Backed by a Tour Edge Lifetime Warranty! The best value in junior golf, HL-J sets are available in five sets and every set includes a lightweight dual-strap stand bag. Plus, every set is available in both right and left hand.

Set Composition / Configuration:

The HL-J Junior Green Set includes a Driver, Hybrid, 7 iron, 9 iron, a putter, and stand bag.

Features of the Tour Edge HL-J Junior Set with Stand Bag:

Driver: Lightweight driver is easy to hit, launching the ball quickly into the air with maximum speed and optimized launch. Head cover included.

7 and 9 Iron: Oversized iron with extreme perimeter weighting have a large sweet spot for superior forgiveness.

Putter: Mallet style putter is easy to align for accurate putting.

Lightweight Stand Bag: Lightweight dual-strap stand bag and protective head covers are included.

New Lightweight technology is progressive through every set, creating ideal club weights for each age group

Grips are properly sized to be tailored for each age group

Specifications of the Tour Edge HL-J Junior Set Green:

Club # Loft (degree) Lie (degree) Length
Driver       15       56 35.5"
Hybrid       29       60 33"
7-Iron       37       62 31"
9-Iron       46       63 30"
Putter       3       70 27"
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