Titleist Vokey SM10 Nickel Wedge

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Titleist Vokey SM10 Nickel Wedge

Titleist's new Vokey Design SM10 wedges are engineered for better performance, feel, and control. They come in six different grinds and 25 unique loft, bounce and grind combinations to fit every golfer's needs. The wedges also feature new progressive center of gravity placements for precise distance and trajectory control. Vokey's patented Spin Milled process has been refined to deliver higher, more consistent spin. Vokey SM10 wedges have been the most played wedge on the PGA TOUR since 2004, and in its first week on tour, SM10 was the most played wedge at The Sentry, with 20 players making the immediate move to the new models.

Features and Technology

Shot Versatility

Unlocking your ultimate short game creativity and shotmaking ability starts with having the right tools in your bag. That's where Vokey SM10 wedges come in. They offer the most comprehensive lineup of loft, grind, and bounce combinations in the game, ensuring you can find the perfect setup for your swing type, playing style, and course conditions.

Playing the right wedge for each situation lets you achieve proper turf interaction and optimize strike position (grooves 2-5). This results in a lower, more consistent ball flight with increased spin, giving you more control and precision around the green.

For added versatility, Vokey SM10 includes the T grind, one of the most popular lob wedges on the PGA Tour, as its low-bounce option. Additionally, the new 54.08M wedge caters to players who prefer a lower-bounce, strong-lofted sand wedge.

With Vokey SM10 wedges in your bag, you'll have the confidence and control to execute any shot your imagination can conjure up. So go ahead, unleash your inner artist and start painting masterpieces on the green!

Distance and Trajectory Control

Vokey SM10 wedges redefine control with strategic CG placement. Lower lofts boast a lower, centered CG for seamless iron set transition and tighter gapping. Higher lofts shift the CG up and forward for a squarer face and lower launch. This loft-optimized design delivers consistent flight, solid feel, and pinpoint accuracy across every wedge in your bag.

Maximum Spin

Vokey's Spin Milled magic takes spin consistency to the next level with the SM10 wedges. TX9 grooves are custom-crafted for each loft, with narrower and deeper grooves on 46-54° wedges for aggressive bite, and wider, shallower grooves on 56-62° wedges for optimal spin on even the fluffiest lies.

But it doesn't stop there. Parallel micro-textures between grooves amplify spin on chips and pitches, while high-frequency heat treatment doubles the groove edge's lifespan, ensuring lasting performance. With SM10 wedges, confidence in every spin shot becomes your ultimate weapon.

Progressive Shaping, Enhanced Profiles

Vokey SM10 wedges inspire confidence with progressive shaping tailored to your game. Lower lofts (46-52°) wear a sleek, compact profile with a straight leading edge, perfect for precise iron-like strikes. They'll seamlessly blend into your existing set, boosting your trust from every lie.

Higher lofts (56-62°) unveil a larger footprint and a forgivingly rounded leading edge. This broader stance invites creative freedom around the green, letting you open the face for high, soft chips or dig deep for bunker escapes. No matter your skill level, SM10's confidence-inspiring shapes empower you to unleash your inner artist on every shot.


T-Grind: Low bounce, ground-hugging sole, and generous heel/toe/trailing edge relief unlock ultimate creativity around the green.

M-Grind: Offering maximum versatility for creative greenside play, the M Grind, Vokey's preferred choice, excels in open and closed face manipulations with its forgiving sole and shallower swing style appeal.

S-Grind: Fast-gliding narrowed sole favors firm conditions and players who control loft with hand position.

D-Grind: Blending forgiveness of high bounce with sculpting freedom of multi-grinds, the D Grind masters steep attacks and diverse face angles.

F-Grind: The F Grind is an all-purpose grind particularly suited for full shots and shots hit with a square face. Ideal for players who prefer a traditional wedge sole.

K-Grind: King of sand and softer lies, the K Grind's high bounce and generous camber conquer forgiveness in bunkers and beyond.


Pitching: 46°-48°

46° 10° F 35.75" D3
48° 10° F 35.75" D3

Gap: 50°-52°

50° F 35.5" D3
50° 12° F 35.5" D3
52° F 35.5" D3
52° 12° F 35.5" D3

Sand: 54°-56°

54° M 35.25" D5
54° 10° S 35.25" D5
54° 12° D 35.25" D5
54° 14° F 35.25" D5
56° M 35.25" D5
56° 10° S 35.25" D5
56° 12° D 35.25" D5
56° 14° F 35.25" D5

Lob: 58°-62°

58° T 35" D5
58° M 35" D5
58° 10° S 35" D5
58° 12° D 35" D5
58° 14° K 35" D5
60° T 35" D5
60° M 35" D5
60° 10° S 35" D5
60° 12° D 35" D5
60° 14° K 35" D5
62° M 35" D5

Stock Shaft:

True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 Wedge

Stock Grip:

Titleist Universal 360


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