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2024 Titleist T200 Irons

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The Player's Distance Iron

The new T200 irons are a major leap forward in distance and forgiveness for players who demand a pure forged feel. The reengineered chassis, refined Max Impact Technology, and new dual taper face all contribute to a solid feel that is unmatched in a distance iron. The Tour-inspired shape remains consistent, with less offset and an optimal blade length and topline thickness. The Variable Bounce Sole has been further improved for effortless turf interaction, and dense D18 tungsten and a 2000º aerospace brazing process allow for precise CG placement for optimal performance in every club in the set.

Features and Technology

Enhanced Feel

The solid feel of the T200 irons is the result of a careful attention to detail in every component. The reengineered chassis creates a stiffer structure, which allows the refined Max Impact Technology to fit tighter against the new dual taper forged face. This results in a more responsive impact sensation that is felt across the entire surface of the clubface.

These changes have resulted in an iron that is both forgiving and responsive. Players will appreciate the solid feel and the increased control that the T200 irons offer.

Effortless Turf Interaction

The T200 irons are a perfect blend of old and new. The Tour-inspired shape remains consistent, with a clean look and less offset. However, the irons have been updated with new technologies that deliver increased distance and forgiveness. Players will still draw confidence from the classic shape, but they will also appreciate the added performance.

These changes have resulted in an iron that is both long and forgiving. Players will appreciate the classic shape and the added performance that the T200 irons offer.

Better Tungsten for Better Performance

Titleist engineers have found a way to use dense D18 tungsten and a 2000º aerospace brazing process to create irons with the perfect balance of distance and forgiveness. The tungsten is used to precisely position the center of gravity (CG), while the brazing process eliminates weld points and creates a seamless face. This results in an iron that is both long and forgiving, with a consistent feel across the entire set.

Here is some more detail about the two technologies:

  • Dense D18 tungsten is a very dense material that is ideal for weighting golf clubs. It is more dense than traditional tungsten, which allows Titleist engineers to place the CG more precisely. This results in a more forgiving club that is also more responsive.
  • 2000º aerospace brazing process is a high-temperature bonding process that is used in the aerospace industry. It is a very precise process that allows Titleist engineers to eliminate weld points. This creates a seamless face that feels more solid and responsive.

The combination of these two technologies makes the T200 irons the perfect choice for golfers who demand the best of both worlds. They are long enough to help you hit more greens, and they are forgiving enough to help you save pars.


4 21° 38.5" 61.5°
5 24° 38" 62°
6 27° 37.5" 62.5°
7 30.5° 37" 63°
8 34.5° 36.5" 63.5°
9 38.5° 36" 64°
PW 43° 35.75" 64°
W1 48° 35.5" 64°

Stock Shaft:

True Temper AMT Black - Mid Launch / Mid Spin

Stock Grip:

Titleist Universal 360





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