TaylorMade TP5X Pix Golf Balls

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TaylorMade TP5X Pix Golf Balls

TaylorMade TP5X Pix balls are a tour-validated, 5-layer performance ball that offers maximum carry distance and stopping power. The new ClearPath Alignment technology makes it easier to align putts and see how it rolls. They are a great choice for golfers who are looking for a ball that combines distance, forgiveness, and feel.

Features and Technology

ClearPath Alignment

ClearPath Alignment™ is a game-changing visual technology that helps you putt better. The strategically placed graphics create a clear path from the ball to the hole, making it easier to align your putts and gauge the quality of your stroke.

TaylorMade TP5 Pix Golf Ball showing the Pix graphics and putting path.

Increased Aerodynamics with New Tour Flight Dimple Pattern

The all-new Tour Flight Dimple Pattern is the next evolution in golf ball aerodynamics. The dimples are designed to reduce drag and promote lift, resulting in longer carry distances and a steeper angle of descent. This is especially beneficial on long irons, as it helps the ball to stop more quickly on the green.

TaylorMade TP5X Pix Dimple pattern

Improved Greenside Spin and Feel

TaylorMade added a softer cast urethane cover, which increases groove interaction on greenside shots for more spin and improved feel. This makes the ball more responsive on short shots, and it helps you to control your distance and trajectory more precisely.


-5 Layer Construction

-Soft-Tough Cast Urethane

-High Spin

-Soft Feel