Srixon ZX7 MK II Driver | Custom

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Srixon ZX7 MK II Driver

Featuring a more compact, confidence-inspiring silhouette that delivers the complete range of clubhead adjustability - including two swappable heel and toe weights plus an adjustable hosel sleeve. ZX7 MK II lets you easily produce the launch conditions needed for maximum workability and complex shot making.

Features of the Srixon ZX7 MK II Driver

Rebound Frame

Rebound Frame's Dual Flex Zones focus more energy into the golf ball at impact, creating a purer energy transfer that instantaneously increases ball speed and distance on every strike.


Star Frame Crown

A complex series of ridges and latticework provides the structural integrity necessary to feature a remarkably thin titanium crown and to place discretionary mass where it best suits each ZX MkII Driver's ideal launch and spin characteristics.


Variable Thickness Face

An intricate variable thickness pattern expands the high COR area across the entire clubface. These unique ridges enhance high COR from heel to toe by improving how energy reflects into the ball on off-center shots.



Two weight port locations allow you to adjust swing weight and Center of Gravity to favor a draw or fade shape. An adjustable hosel also provides the opportunity to vary loft, lie, and face angle.


Specifications of the Srixon ZX7 MK II Driver

9.5° 45.25" 58.5° 460cc D3 (R, S), D4 (X) RH/LH
10.5° D3 (R, S)

Stock Shaft:

Project X HZRDUS Black 60 (Regular, Stiff) / 70 (X-Stiff)

Stock Grip:

Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 (58 round - 52g)

Headcover Included


Adjustment Tool Included






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