Scotty Cameron Phantom 11 Long Design Putter

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Scotty Cameron Phantom 11 Long Design Putter

Conquer wobbly putts with the 38-inch Phantom 11 Long Design. Extra length and weight, powered by tungsten and a stiffer shaft, tame hand movement and engage your shoulders for rock-solid stability. But don't miss the familiar 11 face - alignment cues whisper "confidence," guiding your eyes straight down the target line. A vibration-dampening wing and high MOI deliver unwavering forgiveness, making every putt a walk in the park. Go long, go steady, go straight - the Phantom 11 Long Design has your back.

Aiming for consistent rolls and unwavering confidence? Look no further than the 2024 Phantom putters. Scotty Cameron's latest lineup boasts alignment-enhanced shapes featuring sight lines and milled grooves for pinpoint accuracy. The multi-material construction, blending stainless steel with lightweight aluminum, delivers stability at impact, while the dual-milled faces ensure pure feel. Personalize your game with customizable weights and versatile steel shafts, then grip it and rip it with the comfortable, face-aware paddle-style grip. From the radiant silver mist finish to the subtle, smoky accents, every Phantom putter exudes modern elegance. It's time to unlock your inner putting magician.

Features and Technology

Long Design

Custom 17-Inch 135g Grip

Crafted specifically for Phantom 11 Long models, the 135-gram, non-tapered 17-inch grip is a weightlifter in disguise. Its subtle bulk encourages lighter grip pressure, guiding controlled hand movement while counterbalancing the heavier putter head. Experience smoother strokes, less exertion, and unwavering confidence with every long-range putt.

Custom Stiffer Shaft

The Phantom 11's stiffer shaft handles its heavier head. Longer lengths meet added strength, paving the way for smooth, confident strokes on every putt.

Heavier Sole Weights

The 11 Long Design incorporates interchangeable 25g tungsten sole weights.

Alignment Infused Design

Scotty Cameron has heard your prayers and crafted the 2024 Phantom putters with tour-inspired shapes that practically scream "aim here!" Each model boasts a refined silhouette that naturally sets your eyes on the prize, while precise alignment cues take things to the next level. The Phantom 11 Long Design model features arrow-shaped line for alignment. Putt with confidence, knowing your club is a trusted extension of your line of sight.

Re-Engineered Multi-Material Construction

2024 Phantoms combine dense 303 stainless steel faces and bodies with featherweight 6061 aircraft aluminum flanges and soles. This multi-material magic makes them rock-solid stable at impact, delivering a satisfyingly solid feel while the improved vibration dampening tech keeps chatter at bay.

Dual-Milled Face Technology

Scotty's 2024 Phantoms boast his tour-proven dual-milled face tech. Think double the milling magic: a deep initial pass for buttery softness, followed by a precision leveling for unmatched consistency. The result? A putt-stopping surface that sings with a sweet sound and delivers feedback you can trust.

Finish and Graphics

Glare? Gone! Phantom heads shimmer in radiant silver mist, while sleek black aluminum accents keep focus on the putt.Smoky dots and lines whisper alignment, and a splash of yellow on the shaft and cover screams confidence. Putt like a boss, look like one too.


Phantom 11 Long Design 3.5° 70° 38" Mid Single Bend Minimum Full Shaft RH only

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Scotty Cameron Long Design Grip

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