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Mizuno M.Craft OMOI 04 Putter

The Mizuno M.CRAFT OMOI putter is a heavyweight masterpiece of precision and stability.

Forged from premium 1025 carbon steel and CNC milled, the OMOI features a heavier head weight than the original M-Craft models for increased MOI and forgiveness. The OMOI also has a lighter weight grip and shaft, which helps to shift the club's CG and control face rotation for a more consistent roll.

To further customize the feel and performance of the OMOI, it comes with an additional weight kit that includes a pair of 3g and 13g weights. These weights can be interchanged with the 8g weights that are fitted as standard, giving you the flexibility to fine-tune the putter to your exact specifications.

The OMOI 04 is a wide back blade putter with 40 degrees of toe hang and full shaft offset. This makes it a good choice for golfers with a moderate to strong arc putting stroke.

If you're looking for a putter that combines precision, stability, and forgiveness, the Mizuno M.CRAFT OMOI is the perfect choice for you.

Features and Technology

Forged Construction for Softer Feel

The forging process creates a more consistent grain structure in the steel, which results in a softer feel at impact. This is because the grain structure is more uniform, which allows the clubhead to flex more easily and absorb more shock.

1025 Mild Carbon Steel

1025 mild carbon steel is a type of steel that has a low carbon content. This means that it is softer than other types of steel, which results in a buttery feel at impact.

Precision CNC Milling

CNC milling is a process that uses computer-controlled machinery to precisely cut the shape of the putter head. This results in a putter head that is more consistent in shape and weight, which can improve the feel and performance of the putter.

Custom Fit Weight Kit

The custom fit weight kit allows you to adjust the weight of the putter head to your specific needs. This can help to improve the feel, forgiveness, and stability of the putter.

Available in 3 Colors

-White Satin

-Blue Ion

-Black Ion


34", 35" 70° Square Back Plumber's Neck 40° Full Shaft



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