Cobra Darkspeed X Driver

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Cobra Darkspeed X Driver

The X driver targets golfers craving a blend of explosive distance and pinpoint control. Its sleek, aerodynamic design cuts through air for maximum speed, while the AI-powered H.O.T. face optimizes launch and spin across the clubface. A larger sweet spot and strategically placed weights offer forgiveness on off-center strikes, letting you attack the course with confidence. Whether you're a seasoned pro or an ambitious amateur, the X driver offers the tools to sculpt your shots and master every challenge.

Features and Technology

Refined Aerodynamic Design

Aerodynamics redefined: a sleek face blends seamlessly into a towering crown, while a lifted skirt and minimized impact zone unleash explosive power with every swing.

Tour Inspired Shaping

Gone are bulky distractions. A lean, mean silhouette emerges, honed for laser-like precision and the satisfying sting of a perfectly shaped shot.

Larger PWRSHELL with A.I. Designed H.O.T. Face

The 10% larger PWRSHELL L-cup face is a distance monster, while the A.I.-powered H.O.T. Face is a spin whisperer, coaxing out optimal performance from every corner of the clubface.

Unlock Faster Ball Speed

Like a coiled spring unleashed, the lowered PWR-BRIDGE weight catapults the clubhead forward, igniting a supernova of ball speed.

Blend of Forgiveness and Spin Control

Double the dialing, double the precision! The X driver now boasts two adjustable weights – one in the back and another up front – letting you fine-tune spin like never before. Take control of your trajectory and paint your masterpiece on every fairway.


7.5° - 10.5° 56.2° - 58.8° 45.5" RH/LH
10.5° 9° - 12° 57.2° - 59.8°
12° 10.5° - 13.5° 57.2° - 59.8° RH only

Stock Shafts:

UST Lin-Q M40X Blue 6 (F3 Regular, F4 Stiff)


Stock Grip:

Lamkin Crossline Black 48g


Headcover Included:


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