Cobra Darkspeed ONE Length Hybrid


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Cobra Darkspeed ONE Length Hybrid

Conquer any lie with confidence: Deep body, high bounce face handles everything from divots to deep rough. Explosive distance is yours: Flexible face and AI-powered grooves unleash towering bombs with laser-like spin. Forgiveness redefined: Low-placed weight launches towering shots, while adjustable weights fine-tune your game for pinpoint accuracy.

Features and Technology

Consistency of ONE Length

Utilize one repeatable setup and swing for increased confidence and consistency
from every distance

Confidence Inspiring Shape

Forget unplayable lies! This club's deep body and high bounce face slice through rough like butter, carving confidence on every swing.

Faster Ball Speed

Unleash explosive launch and optimal ball speed. The PWRSHELL insert and suspended PWR-BRIDGE design create a dynamic duo of face and sole flexibility, optimizing your every swing.

Speed and Spin Optimization

This face is a genius! AI-sculpted grooves unlock laser-like spin & explosive speed all over the clubface. Forget hot spots, say hello to pinpoint control.

Forgiveness and High Launch

Maximizing carry distance through strategic weight placement. A carefully positioned 12g sole weight lowers the CG for optimal launch, propelling your ball on soaring trajectories.


3 Hybrid 19° 63° 37.25" RH only
4 Hybrid 21° 62.5° 37.25"
5 Hybrid 24° 62° 37.25"

Stock Shaft:

KBS PGI 75/85 (Regular/Stiff)


Stock Grip:

Lamkin Crossline Black 48g


Headcover Included: