Cobra Darkspeed LS Fairway Wood

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Cobra Darkspeed LS Fairway Wood

Tour-forged looks meet distance dominance: This fairway wood fuses pro-approved style with a multi-material build for explosive speed and laser-like accuracy. Tighter dispersion, faster ball speeds: Precision weights and a flexy face unlock consistent strikes and launch every bomb like a rocket. AI-powered finesse: Sculpt your shots with pinpoint spin and forgiveness control thanks to an intelligent face and adjustable weights.

Features and Technology

Tour Inspired Shaping

A minimilistic design and clubhead shape that Tour players prefer help to instill confidence at address.

Titanium Construction

Forget bulky swings, this club's a featherweight champion. Its 8-1-1 Titanium body and face dance with a carbon crown, shifting weight like a master sculptor for explosive distance.

Tighter Dispersion with Tungsten Weighting

Stability redefined: strategic tungsten weights, stationed at the club's heel and toe, stand firm against wayward shots, ensuring your drives find their mark with pinpoint precision.

Faster Ball Speed

The PWRSHELL insert and suspended PWR-BRIDGE work their magic, transforming the face and sole into a launchpad, propelling your shots with penetrating force and scorching speed.

Speed and Spin Optimization

This club's got a secret weapon - an A.I.-designed H.O.T. Face with a genius thickness pattern. It's like having a personal ball whisperer, coaxing out optimal speed and spin from every inch of the clubface, even on mishits.

Max Workability with Added Forgiveness

This club's got your back – literally. A trio of adjustable weights, now including a back weight, lets you fine-tune spin and forgiveness like never before.


3+ Wood 13° 11.5° - 14.5° 55.7° - 58.3° 43" RH only
3 Wood 14.5° 13° - 16° 55.7° - 58.8° RH/LH
5 Wood 17.5° 16° - 19° 56.2° - 58.8° 42.5"

Stock Shaft:

UST Lin-Q M40X White 7 (F4 Stiff, F5 X-Stiff)


Stock Grip:

Lamkin Crossline Black 48g


Headcover Included:

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