Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max Fast Women's Hybrid

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Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max Fast Women's Hybrid

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Crave bombs that hug the clouds? Callaway's Ai Smoke Max Fast hybrid's your rocket in a velvet glove! Ai Smart Face™ learns your swing's secret dance, unleashing sweet spots everywhere for explosive distance and gaps so conquered, they'll need therapy. Crank up your swing speed, launch, and spin with this tech-infused beast. Max Fast? More like "Max Blastoff!"

Features and Technology

A Breakthrough in Hybrid Performance Powered by Ai Smart Face

Unleash your inner pro with Ai Smart Face™. Powered by real player data, it unlocks tailored sweet spots & max distance for every swing. Precision meets power, landing you pinpoint close.

Forgiving Shape for Modern Golfers

Ditch the launchpad, grab the Max Fast! Shallow face & flat crown take your swing to orbit, while the curved sole cuts through turf like a hot knife through butter. Clean contact? Yup. Prepare for liftoff!

Exceptional Distance from the Tungsten Speed Cartridge

Tungsten Unleashed! Callaway's Speed Cartridge rewrites the rules. Dense tungsten lowers CG, boosting launch & speed. Crush the ball with sky-high shots & laser-like spin control.

Effortless Distance with the Max Fast Spec

Swing speed stuck in molasses? Ai Smoke Max Fast's featherweight magic (we're talking a 40g shaft!) blasts shots sky-high with zero effort. Easy launch? More like effortless liftoff!


4H 21° 39.5" 58.5° C4 RH only
5H 24° 38.75" 59°
6H 27° 38" 59.5°
7H 30° 37.25" 60°
8H 33° 36.5" 60.5°

Stock Shaft:

MCA Eldio 40g (Ladies)

Stock Grip:

Winn Dri-Tac 2.0 44g

Headcover Included:

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