Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max Fast Irons | Custom

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Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max Fast Irons

Crave explosive distance and sky-high launches? The Paradym Ai Smoke Max Fast irons are your dream match. Boasting Callaway's most advanced face, the Ai Smart Face, powered by real player data and AI muscle, creates multiple sweet spots for devastating distance and tighter dispersion. Unleash your inner bomber with every swing.

Features and Technology

Ai Smart Face

The Ai Smart Face is a revolution, trained on swing data from thousands of golfers. Its "Swing Code" analyzes speed, delivery, and face angle at impact, morphing into a sweet spot symphony for explosive distance and laser-like dispersion.

AI Advancements

Ditch the length vs. control dilemma. Through an innovative Ai process, Callaway unlocked a game-changer: lengthening your mid and long irons by ¼” without sacrificing tight dispersion. Imagine hitting farther than ever before while still landing those pin-seeking shots. Welcome to the new era of iron performance.

Cavity Back Construction

The Max Fast model boasts a game-changing deep cavity back, a proven recipe for sky-high launches. Precision tungsten weighting adds fuel to the launch fire, ensuring your shots climb like eagles and land softly. Longer blade lengths, coupled with perfectly balanced sole and topline widths, deliver a confidence-inspiring look at address, all wrapped up in a clean, modern package.

Dynamic Sole Design

Pre-worn edge + variable bounce = turf-taming beast. Crisp contact, epic forgiveness. Dynamic Sole Design: game changer.

Max Fast Spec

The Max Fast version, with its increased loft and lightweight 40g shaft, optimizes swing speed for explosive power and sky-high trajectories. Experience an easy launch that sends your shots soaring towards the green with incredible ease.


5 25° 61° 39" 4.7mm C9 RH only
6 28° 61.75° 38.25" 4.1mm
7 31° 62.5° 37.5" 3.4mm
8 35° 63.25° 36.75" 2.6mm
9 39° 64° 36" 1.8mm
PW 44° 64.25° 35.75" 1.5mm
AW 48° 64.5° 35.5" 1.4mm
GW 52° 64.5° 35.5" 1.3mm
SW 56° 64.5° 35.5" 1.3mm

Stock Shaft:

MCA Tensei Blue/Silver 40 (Senior)

Stock Grip:

Winn Dri-Tac 2.0 44g

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