Callaway JAWS MD5 Platinum Chrome Wedge

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Callaway JAWS MD5 Platinum Chrome Wedge

Designed by Callaway's master craftsman Roger Cleveland, Jaws MD5 wedges are engineered to deliver top-notch performance in every aspect. These wedges combine premium club head shapes, beautiful finishes, exceptional feel, surprising versatility, and unmatched spin generation for all your short game needs.

Features and Technology

Precisely Shaped with 8620 Mild Carbon Steel

Made with high-quality materials and meticulous engineering, these wedges deliver a soft, satisfying feel at impact that inspires confidence.

JAWS Grooves

The JAWS groove design features an extremely sharp edge radius. This innovative technology generates more spin on the ball, leading to precise control and increased stopping power, especially on approach shots around the green.

Groove-in-Groove Technology

The JAWS wedges boast Callaway's signature Groove-in-Groove Technology. This advanced system features a micro-positive surface texture with raised radius grooves. This design creates more grip between the clubface and the ball, maximizing spin for optimal control and stopping power in all conditions.

Tailored Performance

These wedges come in two distinct sole grinds to accommodate different swing styles and playing conditions. Choose from the S-Grind or the W-Grind for the ideal fit.

S-Grind: This grind features a medium width sole with slight camber at the back and moderate heel relief. It's designed for golfers with medium to shallow angles of attack who typically play on courses with medium turf conditions.

W-Grind: The W-Grind offers a wider center and toe area, a narrower heel, and features moderate heel relief with generous front-to-back camber. This grind is ideal for golfers who have a steeper angle of attack and play on softer turf conditions.

Satisfying Feel

The combination of soft carbon steel construction, precise CG locations, and crisp turf interaction delivers an incredibly satisfying feel at impact.

Progressive Head Shape

For a seamless transition from your irons to your wedges, these wedges boast an optimized head shape progression. The higher-lofted wedges feature a traditional shape, while the lower-lofted wedges transition to a more compact player-preferred design. This ensures a consistent look and feel throughout your set.


50° S-Grind 10° 35.5" 64° D0 RH only
52° S-Grind 10° 35.5" RH/LH
52° W-Grind 12° 35.5" RH only
54° S Grind 10° 35.25" D1
54° W-Grind 12° 35.25"
56° S-Grind 10° 35.25" RH/LH
56° W-Grind 12° 35.25" RH only
58° S-Grind 10° 35"
58° W-Grind 12° 35"
60° S-Grind 10° 35" RH/LH
60° W-Grind 12° 35" RH only

Stock Shaft:

Callaway Impact Steel Wedge Flex

Stock Grip:

Callaway Diamond Universal Black

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