Callaway Chrome Tour X Golf Ball

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Callaway Chrome Tour X

  • Introducing Chrome Tour X: The cutting edge of golf performance. This revolutionary ball utilizes advanced technologies to deliver unprecedented distance, pinpoint workability, and game-changing spin.Experience the future of golf in every shot.
  • Chrome Tour X: Where science meets performance. This meticulously crafted ball features innovative core and cover designs to unlock explosive power, precise trajectory control, and unmatched grip on the green.Experience the difference that technology makes.

Features and Technology

Exceptionally Fast Ball Speeds 

  • Dive into the science of distance with the Hyper Fast Soft Core. This cutting-edge core utilizes advanced materials and engineering to generate explosive ball speed specifically off the driver, while maintaining a luxurious, soft feel. It's a technological masterpiece delivering distance unlike any other.
  • Experience the next level of driver performance with the Hyper Fast Soft Core. This revolutionary core features state-of-the-art design elements that optimize energy transfer for maximum ball speed on your long-bomb drives. Witness the power of cutting-edge technology in every swing.
  • For the golfer who demands the most advanced technology, the Hyper Fast Soft Core is your answer. This groundbreaking core pushes the limits of distance performance, utilizing innovative materials and design to unlock unmatched ball speed from the driver. Take your game to the next level with scientific precision.

Maximum Workability Through The Bag

  • Conquer any wind and carve through any air with the new Seamless Tour Aero. Its innovative design ensures laser-like precision and wind-cheating flight on every shot, giving you the confidence to take aim at any pin.Experience unwavering control and workability from tee to green.
  • Unlock aggressive shot-making with the Seamless Tour Aero's enhanced workability. This cutting-edge aerodynamic package allows you to shape shots with pinpoint accuracy, even in windy conditions.Master the course and paint your own masterpiece on every swing.
  • Feel the difference of confidence with every shot thanks to the Seamless Tour Aero's consistent flight. This revolutionary design delivers unwavering trajectory and predictable performance off every club, empowering you to attack any challenge with certainty.

Optimized Greenside Spin and Control

  • Take control of your scoring zone with the game-changing spin and workability of the Chrome Tour X. This groundbreaking cover delivers unprecedented grip on the green and masterful trajectory control, allowing you to dial in every iron and wedge shot for ultimate precision.

More Consistent Performance

  • Experience game-changing consistency, shot after shot. Every Callaway golf ball is the product of meticulous engineering and 100 million data points, ensuring unwavering performance you can trust.