TaylorMade P790TI Irons

TaylorMade P790TI Irons

Posted by Michael, Jake, Kyle on Oct 22, 2019

Got a chance to hit the new TaylorMade P-790ti irons and the distance and feel are off the charts. They have a very lightweight feel for guys that want more distance. The matte silver look is also a very clean finish. Didn’t have any issues with getting the ball up in the air either. The top line isn’t too big by any means but is just big enough to give you some confidence that the ball is still going to get out there when you don’t catch it perfect. Gained about 15-20 yards on average from my 7-iron that I’m playing now. Great product!

First thoughts based off of looks was it’s a little too bulky for my liking but the designs on the clubs look very good. When I was about to swing the P-790TI I had very high expectations because of the feel and performance of the 2020 P-790. After the first couple swings I was not impressed with the feel, it felt super clunky. I was however impressed with the distance and forgiveness. It’s the longest club that I have ever hit, but still had a lot of forgiveness. If you’re someone looking for distance and forgiveness this is a good club for you, but you better have a deep bank account. Over $300 a club? Not worth that price in my opinion, but could be to the right person.


In a market with "premium" iron sets that promise more distance and forgiveness with high end materials becoming more and more popular, you expect nothing but perfection, especially with the price tag. The P790TI is close to it, but misses in some areas. The club felt incomplete to me, like the shaft and head weren't meant to go together. It felt heavier than the standard P790, and obviously bigger, but heavier without the harmony between head and shaft. It does not come up short in the beauty category, aside from the thick top-line and sole, this club looks like it was designed by Tesla and should be plugged in at night to recharge. While the distance and forgiveness are obviously apparent, the feel you expect from the P Series is not. I was hitting around 210 yds with the 7 iron, 200 on mis-hits, but the loft of the 7 iron is 2° stronger than the standard P790 so this was expected, but I couldn't feel the difference between a good shot and hitting it thin. Don't take my word for it though, go to a local shop, test it out, it may be the best club out there for your game.