Srixon Z565 Irons

Srixon Z565 Irons

Posted by -Kelly on Jul 11, 2017

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Srixon Z565 irons, Just Say Golf

Golf club enthusiasts know Srixon by now.  Each year, Srixon's tour presence and market presence grow.  Already known from making excellent golf balls like the Srixon Z-Star, Srixon Z-Star XV, and this year's hit, the Srixon Q-StarTour.

Tour; Srixon is also a phenomenal golf club manufacturer.  They making a full line of golf clubs for every level of player (See Srixon clubs here), including one of the best game improvement clubs on the market: Srixon Z565.   

One look at a Srixon iron (any Srixon iron) and the aesthetics make an impression.  The Z565 is one of the best looking game-improvement irons around.  Bottom line on the fit and finish: Srixon irons are consistently beautiful.

There are several technological points of interest about the Srixon Z565; long distance, excellent forgiveness, etc...but I'll get right to my favorite: Srixon's Tour V.T. Sole™.  Essentially, the Tour V.T. Sole of the Z565 creates an increase in the effective bounce angle of the club without the unsightliness of a clunky, wide sole.  The spine of the clubs sole drops well below the leading edge, to resist digging into the turf on a "fat" shot.  The image to the left, gives a good visual on the V.T. Sole.   

Not only does the V.T. Sole help minimize the "fat" mishit, but the implication is a better transfer of club speed into ball speed.  With less turf interaction to slow the club down, the energy will be transferred more efficiently to the ball.  Srixon has also incorporated the Tour V.T. Sole technology into their Z765 and Z965 irons as well.

The Z565 is noticeable more compact than many of it's competitors. The Z even has visually less offset.  Which could beg the question, "are they really going to offer the forgiveness I'm looking for?"  Yes.  These things are forgiving; remarkably forgiving.  They compare very favorably to all of their competition, such as the Callaway Apex Irons.  In fact, they're so forgiving relative to their compact appearance that you may not be able to take my word for it.  It really is something that should be experienced.

Another benefit and testimony to Srixon's commitment to quality is the softness of the Srixon Z565's forged 1020 carbon steel clubhead.  No cutting corners here.  Like some of the most elite clubs out there today, the Z565 uses a frame with a face insert married to it.  This method allows the engineers to draw the weight out to the frame, using a thin and light face insert that can flex across a wide area; radically increasing the ball speed in solid shots and mishits.

The Srixon Z565 is, in this reviewer's opinion, one of the top all-around irons on the market.  It's incredibly long and forgiving, but looks clean enough to attract a few low handicappers as well.  At Just Say Golf, we offer the Z565, Z765, and Z965 in standard specifications or you can go full custom in you need over-length, lie angle adjustments, custom shafts/grips, etc...  We can get it for you.  If you don't see it on the sight, just give us a call or shoot an email.