Mizuno MP-18 Irons

Mizuno MP-18 Irons

Posted by Kelly on Aug 19, 2017

The artisans and craftsman at Mizuno are up to their old tricks.  Designing some of the most beautiful, best feeling, highest quality irons on the market.  The upcoming launch of the Mizuno MP-18 family of irons is set to be the best yet; and that's saying something considering what Mizuno has done in years past.

Recently, Mizuno did us all the favor of designating the JPX family of clubs as "technology driven."  This helped put an accurate definition to the line that many thought  of as strictly a game-improvement club line.  The MP series is the place where the nuances of classic club design, artistic mastery and the performance of meticulous craftsmanship come together.

The new, 2018 Mizuno MP-18 Iron family, which launches this September, will feature 4 different irons in the line:

  1. The Mizuno MP-18: A true muscleback blade.  The least forgiving, lowest flying of the group, the MP-18 iron is obviously designed for the best and highest club speed players.  When you think of a "blade," the MP-18 is as good as it gets.  Changes over previous models include a very slightly wider top line, and progressive sizing which should improve the forgiveness of the longer iron.  Of course, if you're looking for forgiveness this probably isn't your next iron. 
  2. The Mizuno MP-18 SC: Think of the MP-18 SC as a true muscleback (which it will certainly look like at address) with just slight bit more forgiveness.  Each club head in the MP-18 SC is slightly larger than the correstponding member of the MP-18 irons.  The engineers moved just a bit of the weighting around the perimeter to enlarge the sweet spot.  The MP-18 SC, may theoretically, produce a slightly higher ball flight than the MP-18, but we'd expect the difference to be minimal if even discernible. 
  3. The Mizuno MP-18 MCC: The MP-18 MMC has some visual similarities to the MP-18 SC, but there's a big difference in the engineering.  The MCC has a piece of titanium inserted into the low/center of the club head.  Mizuno has used this technology before to lighten the center of the face, thereby moving the weight of the MMC's club head toward the heel and toe for increased forgivness.  The MP-18 MCC also incorporates a tungsten toe-weight in the longer irons for more playability. 
  4. The Mizuno MP-18MMC Fli-Hi:  As with previous renderings of the Fli-Hi iron, Mizuno has attached the face to a frame.  Club manufacturers use this process to significantly lighten and thin the face.  This moves a significant portion of the club's mass to the outer frame for a dramatic increase in forgiveness and playability in those longer irons.  The thinness of the face also produces a "trampoline effect" similar to modern drivers and fairway woods, for increased ball speed.  This new Fli-Hi has it's tungsten weight positioned farther from the hosel than ever which should produce improved toe-forgiveness and a larger sweet spot overall.

Of course Mizuno is using technologies like it's "Grain Flow Forging" process to produce some of the purest, and densest forged irons on the market.  This density means incredible feel in the MP-18 irons.  

  • The Mizuono MP-18 irons come stock with the Dynamic Golf S300 shaft and a Golf Pride Multicompound grip
  • The Mizuno MP-18 SC irons come with a KBS Tour steel shaft and Golf Pride Multicompound grip.
  • The Mizuno MP-18 MCC irons come standard with Nippon Modus Pro 120 shafts and Golf Pride Multicompound grip.
  • The Mizuno MP-18 MCC Fli-Hi irons come standard with KBS C Taper Lite steel shaft and Golf Pride Multicompound grip

Just Say Golf specializes in custom irons.  We can easily change any shafts, grip, lie angle, shaft length, grip size, etc... to your liking.  If you don't see what you like, give us a call.

Watch for the Mizuno MP-18 iron family to launch on Just Say Golf this September.