Cobra Speedzone ONE Length Irons

Cobra Speedzone ONE Length Irons

Posted by Ryan Kunst | Instagram: @trueleftpga on Sep 28, 2020

Well, that was interesting...

On a normal day, I'll shoot anywhere between 76-81. My first time out with these irons I shot a 90. I can't even begin to explain to you the difference in feeling between these and my normal irons. Now, as we know, I've played every iron you can think of almost. T200, Apex Pro, TM P790 all this year but these ONE LENGTHS were...possibly my favorite?

The Length Issue

There is no issue. If you think there's an issue - it's you, not the clubs. I didn't even blink when I was holding the PW and then 5 iron that is the same length. So why did I shoot a 90? They are power lofted, new shaft (S300 - heavy for me). Incredible experience. The next round? I shot a career-low 70.

The Stopping Power and Control

I loved the PW anywhere from 100 to 125. I had no issue getting stopping power, backspin, and control over these irons. I'm so impressed by the technology in these for the price.

There were several shots where I needed to stop the ball near the pin from 110 out and the PW came in clutch every single time. There were ZERO "hot spot" shots with these clubs. The ball never ran out and in fact when I thought it would - it didn't.

The Feel of Solid Hits

It felt like a cast iron but...honestly, those shots felt incredible. Partially due to the ball speed technology on miss-hits which I'll explain further in a few moments. The feel of these clubs is not forged, but they aren't rocks, these are still on the softer side for the cast clubs which is probably why they let you bend them.

Forgiveness and Speed

I can't explain it but you can visually see the ball speed with these clubs compared to non-power clubs. You compare these to even the'll see the ball rocket off faster with each flush hit compared to the 790s and even more to other players irons. Now, this is my issue...these are super forgiving, these feel great, amazing tech and stopping power but they only come in this high-handicap format. I'm sorry to those who are high-handicap but I want a player's iron like this that is forged in part.

Is One Length Worth It?

Yes, I wish every set was one length. I'll never want to go back. I could, but I do not want to. I desperately want more manufactures to look into this one length. It just simply makes sense. You never have to practice varied clubs, just different speeds, and distances - that is it.

These clubs are for anyone wanting more speed, greater length, stopping power, and forgiveness. All while trying the ONE LENGTH fad which I think is more truth than a fad at this point.


Forgiveness 8/10

Feel 6/10

Distance 10/10

Technology 10/10

Consistency 9/10

Control 8/10