Cleveland ZipCore Wedge Review

Cleveland ZipCore Wedge Review

Posted by Ryan Kunst | Instagram: @trueleftpga on Sep 18, 2020

The NEW Zipcore wedges from Cleveland have now been reviewed by the likes of TXG, James Robinson, and other well-known YouTubers. However, I wanted to take a different spin on the wedges. Get it? Well, what I wanted to review was comparing them to the RTX4 while at the same time seeing if there is an improvement on dispersion because this is the club that you'll be using to get close to the hole, as well as feel.

The spin rates can be seen over at TXG but I will say that they spun just as much and even more consistently than my RTX 4. My RTX 60 degree has the tendency to lose a few 100 RPM on the 15-20 yard skippers. Whereas the ZIPCORE seems to hold off longer and allow for a more consistent spin. So, right out of the gate that is a huge plus.

The dispersion is where this thing shines. The CG movement and the face groves being added (2 extra) is a huge plus. Your consistent spin added with more forgiveness in a compact package allows for this wedge to go into the bag of so many different handicap players.

Different Lies

Now, when testing this on tight lies (hard conditions) I found that the spin was easier to control or expect than the RTX4, and maybe that is due to the added groves. The milled groves felt incredible. I mean light years better than the RTX.

The tight lie (soft conditions) allowed me to dig but not lose a ton of contact and dispersion. The spin ran out but that is expected when digging. Though, on a few swings, I found the ball to actually backspin even when I didn't expect it to.

The rough lie was where I found this wedge to standout again. The ability to judge the loss or adding of spin a word: easy. Again, probably due to the added grooves. You remove those grooves and I truly feel the dispersion and consistency is lost.

Distance Dispersion

Some will be happy to hear that this wedge flies lower than the RTX on average. More grooves, more friction, more pull. The wonderful part showed up when I hit 10 shots from 65 yards with my RTX and then 10 with the ZIPCORE.

ZIPCORE: 3-yard variable

RTX: 6.5-yard variable

Half the dispersion rate. That is when I said goodbye to my RTX and hello to my ZIPCORE. Now, for me, that is huge because when it comes to putting I like to be closer to the does everyone unless you're John Rahm.

So my overall scores BELOW

Feel: 10/10

Workability: 8/10

Forgiveness 7/10

Spin Rate Consistency: 9/10

Dispersion Help: 9/10

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