2018 Callaway Solaire - A New Classic From Callaway

2018 Callaway Solaire - A New Classic From Callaway

Posted by -Kelly on Nov 13, 2017

The 2018 Callaway Solaire Women's Package Set promises to be the best Solaire yet.

In the world of women's golf club sets, the Callaway Solaire has long been the Queen.  Style, prestige, quality and performance can all be found in one package.  Women's golf club packages have a history of being low-performance at a congruent price.  The Solaire however, brings Callaway's world-class engineering and design into the picture.  The result is a set that the female golfer can be proud to show off and proud of the results she sees from it too.

No need to shop around for all the pieces; the Solaire has everything you need.  For 2018, the Solaire packge set has two offerings: the 11-piece and 8-piece set.  Both sets include a Solaire driver, boasting some of the latest Callaway driver technologies.  Thin face for high ball speed, optimized women's loft, ultra-lightweight shaft and more for high launching, straight drives.  The 2018 Solaire driver is an upgrade over previous renderings.

Both sets include a Solaire fairway metal; a 3 wood in the 11-piece set, a 5-wood in the 8-piece.  Because the 8-piece has fewer clubs, the 5 wood better fills in the distance gaps between clubs.  2 hybrids for the 11-piece, 1 for the 8.  Both sets have the oversized, wide-soled Callaway Solaire irons.  if there's an easier launching set of women's irons, I've never seen them.  

Don't forget and easy-to-align, mallet putter and Callaway Solaire stand bag which also rides easily on a cart and you may just have the perfect women's golf club set.

For all it's features and performance the Solaire is still beautiful.  The 2018 Solaire still stands out as "the one to have" in market full of great options.

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