Tour Edge Ladies Moda Silk Complete Set

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Tour Edge Moda Silk Ladies Complete Set with Cart Bag - NEW FOR 2020

Buy the New 2020 Tour Edge Moda Silk Ladies Complete Set from Just Say Golf! The New 2020 Tour Edge Moda Silk is the perfect set for Lady Golfers. With 3 colors to choose from and 3 lengths to fit shorter or taller lady golfers. This set is a favorite among ladies golfers with the Moda Silk's bold lines, and cutting-edge Technology.

The Moda Silk is a high-flying set featuring an offset 460cc 15-degree driver that will help you hit longer straighter drives. The powerful Tour Edge titanium club head has a huge sweet spot and hot face that will have you smiling from tee to green. Moda’s oversized, offset and low profile stainless steel fairway woods help you get the ball easily into the air from anywhere on the course. Packed inside the attractive exterior, Moda Silk fairway woods boast an extra heavy sole and low center of gravity. The hybrids inspire confidence when nothing else can. These stainless steel clubs give you a deep, low CG needed to hit higher, more accurate and forgiving shots. The Moda stainless steel irons absolutely sparkle. These oversized irons offer extreme perimeter weighting and a wide undercut cavity that moves the center of gravity back and away from the face to help you hit higher, more accurate shots even on off-center hits.

Set Composition/Configuration:

The Moda Silk sets include a driver, 3 & 5-woods, 5-6 hybrids, and 7-PW+SW irons, Cart Bag

Tour Edge Moda Silk Technology and Features:

Moda Silk's driver design delivers longer, straighter tee shots. Shots from the rough or fairway are easy with Moda's shallow faced stainless steel fairway woods. Long iron shots have never been easier with both hybrids and iron-woods in your set. Your iron shots will stay on target no matter where you hit it on the face of your Moda Silk irons. Putting is made easy with a weighted putter that stays stable as you make your putting stroke. Light weight Moda Silk graphite shafts will send your shots flying higher and longer than ever before and the new color options and design updates for 2020 are fashionable long into the future!

Driver: 460cc titanium offset driver for powerful, straight drives with 15 degrees of loft with a huge sweet spot and hot face.

Fairway Woods: Oversized, low-profile offset stainless steel fairway woods launch the ball high from anywhere on the course.

Hybrids: Stainless steel hybrids feature a low, deep center of gravity for spectacular long iron shots.

Irons: Oversized stainless steel irons offer extreme perimeter weighting and a wide undercut cavity for maximum forgiveness.

Shaft Model: Moda High Launch Graphite Ladies Flex available in Standard Length, Petite -1.00" or Tall +1.00". Weighing 55 grams High Launch 5.0 Torque Rating


Club #  Loft  Lie  Length 
 Driver 15° 59° 43.5"
 3 Wood 18° 59° 42"
 5 Wood 22°  59.5°  41"
 5 Hybrid 28° 60.5° 38"
 6 Hybrid 31° 61° 37.25"
 7 Iron 35° 62° 36.5"
 8 Iron 40° 63° 35.75"
 9 Iron 45° 63.5° 35"
 Pitching Wedge  50° 63.5° 34.5"
 Sand Wedge 55° 64° 33.75"
 Putter 33"

 *Specifications are for Standard Length*

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