Orange Whip Power Peel Package

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Orange Whip Power Peel Package

The Orange Whip Power Peel was designed to develop your golf swing both on and off the course. All of the products included help you to develop and strengthen your 5 Foundational Swing Skills with functional golf movements that are the foundation of your golf swing.

What's Included in the Orange Whip Power Peel Package

  • Orange Peel Platform
  • LightSpeed Trainer
  • Power Foot Straps (2)
  • 10" Black Resistance Bands (2)
  • 14" Orange Resistance Bands (2)
  • Handles (2)
  • Fitness Belt
  • Yoga Mat
  • Drawstring Backpack

Features of the Orange Whip Power Peel Package:

Golf Swing Fitness Gym

The Power Peel Package allows you to combine swing training with a golf exercise program, improving your golf swing and golf fitness in just 20 minutes a day. Designed for use with the Orange Whip Golf and Fitness streamable golf exercise and swing programs. This is the ultimate golf swing fitness gym.

Improve Balance

Use the Power Peel with 6 resistance band connection points during your practice drills to replicate golf course conditions, center and strengthen your core golf muscles, and prevent sway.

Power-Up Your Swing

With the LightSpeed Trainer, you'll increase your clubhead swing speed while maintaining control and consistency.

Stretch and Strengthen

Includes a belt fitted with four connection points so you can experience greater resistance and assistance while using the Orange Peel. Use the included yoga mat under your Orange Peel for stretching.

Condition Your Body for Performance

Put all the Power Peel components together to improve all your foundational golf movements twice as fast: posture, segmentation, weight shift and balance, and swing plane.


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