Callaway Epic Pro Irons

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Callaway Epic Pro Irons

Callaway Epic PRO irons and other Callaway Golf clubs from Just Say Golf.  Callaway Epic PRO irons are the most advanced, painstakingly designed and manufactured iron Callaway has ever produced.  The Epic PRO is a slimmer, less offset version of the Callaway Epic Iron; promoting more workability and feel.  The ultra-premium Epic Irons can be ordered in standard or custom specifications.  Call or click for the lowest price, excellent service, with fast and free shipping.  Just Say Golf.

The Epic Pro has a slightly smaller head, slimmer topline, and less offset promote the kind of keen feel and workability that better players want. The result is the most premium, high-performance iron ever to bear the Callaway name.

Optimized Center of Gravity:

We engineered a precise amount of tungsten into our internal standing wave technology, allowing us to uniquely position the CG in each iron. The performance benefits? Lower CG in long irons promotes easy launch and high, long carry, and higher CG in short irons means lower, more controllable flight.

Exo-Cage Construction:

Callaway's Exo-Cage construction provides maximum COR (Trampoline effect) across the entire face of the Epic Irons.

Callaway's 360 Cup Face

Every Epic Pro iron features an ultra-thin, ultra-fast face that’s turbocharged by an improved 360 Face Cup architecture that reduces the rim thickness to 1mm at its thinnest point.  That allows the rim to flex more readily, consistently and at greater speed.  All of this equals more balls speed; translating into maximum distance.

Internal Standing Wave Technology

In short, Callaway's Internal Standing Wave optimized the center of gravity in each and every Epic iron for ideal launch and spin, coupled with incredible feel.

Mens 2017 Epic Pro Irons Product Specs

NameLoftAvailabilityStandard LengthLieOffsetSwing Weight
#3 19° RH / LH 39.00" 60.00° 0.165 D2
#4 21.5° RH / LH 38.50" 60.50° 0.150 D2
#5 24° RH / LH 38.00" 61.00° 0.135 D2
#6 27° RH / LH 37.50" 61.50° 0.120 D2
#7 31° RH / LH 37.00" 62.00° 0.105 D2
#8 35.5° RH / LH 36.50" 62.50° 0.100 D2
#9 40° RH / LH 36.00" 63.00° 0.095 D2
PW 45° RH / LH 35.75" 63.50° 0.090 D2
AW 50° RH / LH 35.50" 63.50° 0.085 D2

Project X LZ 105 Steel

ManufacturerFlexShaft WeightTorqueKickpoint
Project X 5.5 105 low mid
Project X 6.0 106 low mid

About Callaway Epic Irons

A large team of engineers went to work in an effort to create a "best of all worlds" iron.  They incorporated long distance, maximum forgiveness, solid feel, clean lines, trajectory control and more, all into one package.  It's only fitting that they call these irons "epic"  Callaway's team incorporated many of the impressive technologies used in their revolutionary Epic Drivers and Fairway Woods.  By using tungsten powder, Callaway's team was able to achieve optimal weighting and center of gravity in each iron. 

Custom Fitting Your Callaway Epic Irons

At Just Say Golf, we do custom fitting on nearly everything.  If it's available from the manufacturer, we'll get it for you.  The great news is, most customizations are available at no extra charge to you.  We'll get your custom length and lie angle.  Need oversized grips?  No problem, just choose the size you'd like and we'll get some extra wraps on there for you.  We can get aftermarket grips and shafts as well.