XXIO Prime Driver

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XXIO Prime 10 Driver | 2019 XXIO Golf Clubs

The XXIO Prime Driver is a premium driver with distance enhancement for moderate club speed players.  XXIO Prime Drivers are ultra light for improved golf club speed and easy launch.  XXIO golf clubs represent the highest in golf club design and material technology.

Overview of XXIO Prime Driver

With ultra-lightweight technology and the highest in material standards, you'll experience the unprecedented speed and lightweight feel of the new XXIO Prime Driver.  The Prime Driver is designed for moderate club speed players who want more speed and more distance from their driver.  XXIO drivers are designed to help you achieve a straight ball flight with enhanced distance, the XXIO Prime Driver provides luxury performance crafted exclusively for your moderate swing speed.

XXIO Super-Tix PLUS Forged Titanium Cup Face

Forged from Super-Tix PLUS Titanium, a lightweight yet high-strength alloy, this new Cup Face greatly increases distance performance thanks to a hotter sweet spot that’s 103% larger than the previous model’s.

XXIO prime driver face

Unprecedented Lightweight Construction

The new XXIO Prime SP-1000 Shaft, with TORAYCA T1100G carbon fiber and NANOALLOY resin, is extremely lightweight to help produce more ball speed and distance due to its smooth, easy-to-swing profile.


Groundbreaking Forgiveness

Featuring an expanded toe and narrowed heel, a 6g weight that’s low and deep, and a lighter hosel repositioned closer to the center of the face, the new XXIO Prime Driver is extremely forgiving off the tee.


XXIO Prime Driver Specifications

10.5° 60.0° 185 grams   460cc   46.5" D3 RH
11.5° 60.0° 185 grams 460cc 46.5" D3 RH
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