Tour Edge Hot Launch E521 Driver

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Tour Edge Hot Launch E521 Driver

Buy the Tour Edge Hot Launch E521 Driver from Just Say Golf. Hand-Built in the USA with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Headcover Included.

Features of the Tour Edge Hot Launch E521 Driver

Houdini Sole Design

The Houdini Sole included an area of mass concentrated on the trailing edge of the sole of the clubhead, as well as a curved leading edge under the face.

This all new shape and design creates more area to put extra mass, allowing Tour Edge engineers to precisely position weight in the head for an ultra-low and deep Center of Gravity (CG) , optimizing launch conditions and greatly improving stability (M.O.I. increase of 12%).

The Houdini Sole propelled the CG placement to be 14% lower and 10% further back than the HL4 Driver, creating the highest launching and easiest to hit driver Tour Edge has produced.

Draw Bias Heel Sole Weight

The strategically placed heel draw-bias weighting of the E Series offset designs are engineered to help golfers avoid the right side of the course and to increase launch conditions.

Offset Hosel Design

Slice fighting technology in the offset E521 driver allows the face to square up at impact for straighter ball flight.

Shallow Face Design

The super-shallow Cup Face design in the Hot Launch E- Series Driver produces higher launch angles and extreme ease of launch. The face height is 11% lower than the C521 Driver. The E521 Driver is at the USGA limit on front to back and heel to toe lengths to maximize forgiveness and to make launching the ball as easy as possible in a driver design.

Control Length Shaft

Shorter shafts lengths that Tour Edge calls Control Length were designed specifically for the E Series metals to greatly improve accuracy, center strikes and to offer maxed out Smash Factor ratings for the club head. The driver shaft length of 44.5” is a half inch to one inch shorter on the E521 Driver compared to the standard in the industry.

Lightweight Mitsubishi Fubuki Shaft

The E521 Driver comes stock with the same super-light FUBUKI metalwood shafts by Mitsubishi Chemical that range from 45-grams to 55-grams depending on the flex.

The extremely light FUBUKI metalwood shafts with lower kick points and lower cycles per minute frequencies that promise to help players achieve maximum velocity and to fight the fade to produce a longer, straighter and a slightly drawn ball flight.

Club Specializations of the Tour Edge E521 Driver

Model Loft Face Angle Head Size Lie Angle Men's Standard Length Women's Standard Length
E521 10.5° 1° Closed 460CC 60° 44.50" 43.50"
E521 12.0° 1° Closed 460CC 60° 44.50" 43.50"
E521 HL-15° 1° Closed 460CC 60° 44.50" 43.50"

Shaft Specifications of the Tour Edge E521 Driver

Model Flex Weight Launch Torque
Fubuki HD45 Ladies 45 grams High 6.0°
Fubuki HD50 A-Senior 50 grams High 5.0°
Fubuki HD50 Regular 50 grams High 4.5°
Fubuki HD55 Stiff 55 grams High 4.0°


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