Tour Edge HL4 Triple Combo Set

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Tour Edge HL4 Triple Combo Set

Buy the Tour Edge HL4 Triple Combo Set from Just Say Golf. Free 2-Day Shipping. Hand-Built in the USA with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Available in Graphite/Steel (Regular, Stiff) or All Graphite (Ladies, Senior, Regular, Stiff)


The HL4 Triple Combo set provides players with the most versatile set available in golf. Featuring two HL4 hybrids, two HL4 Iron-Woods and three HL4 Irons, the Triple Combo set ensures that you will have the most powerful, forgiving and accurate club from tee to green.

HL4 HYBRID (Includes 4+5 Hybrids) **Optional 3 Hybrid Click Here**

The HL4 hybrid is constructed from 17-4 hypersteel and incorporates a Cup Face with Variable Face Thickness technology. This construction design delivers the ultimate combination of forgiveness and power. *HL4 Hybrid Lie Angles Cannot Be Adjusted*

HL4 IRON-WOODS (Includes 6+7 Iron-Woods)

The HL4 Iron-Wood’s hollow-body design offers even greater forgiveness on mid-iron shots. The super-thin forged steel face delivers more spring at impact for exceptional distance performance.


HL4 undercut-cavity irons move weight away from the face and into the sole for more stability, a higher launch angle and enhanced forgiveness. The iron’s soft 431 stainless steel design provides great feel on every shot.

Custom Options Available

Length Options: Available up to 2" Longer and up to 2" shorter in 0.5" increments (Based off of standard length)

Lie Angle Options: Available up to 2° Upright and 2° Flat in 1° increments (Based off of standard lie angles)

***HL4 Hybrids will be Standard Lie Angle Only***

Grip Size Options: Undersize (Ladies), Standard or Midsize

Flex Options: Graphite/Steel: Regular Flex or Stiff Flex (4+5 Hybrids Graphite / 6+7 Iron-Woods Graphite / 8+9+PW Irons Steel Shafts) **Optional AW,SW,LW Steel Shafts** (Graphite Shafts UST Mamiya HL4 / Steel Shafts KBS Tour 90)

Flex Options: All Graphite: Ladies (48g), Senior Flex (55g), Regular Flex (57g), Stiff Flex (60g) with UST Mamiya HL4 Graphite Shafts

HL4 Triple Combo Specifications:

Club #  Loft  Lie Standard Length Flex Hand
#4 Hybrid 22°  60.5°   39.00" (Mens) / 38.00" (Ladies)   L,A,R,S   RH/LH 
#5 Hybrid 25° 61.0° 38.25" (Mens) / 37.25" (Ladies) L,A,R,S RH/LH
#6 Iron-Wood 29° 62.0° 37.75" (Mens) / 36.75" (Ladies) L,A,R,S RH/LH
#7 Iron-Wood 32° 62.5° 37.25" (Mens) / 36.25" (Ladies) L,A,R,S RH/LH
#8 Iron 35° 63.0° 36.75" (Mens) / 35.75" (Ladies) L,A,R,S RH/LH
#9 Iron 40° 63.5° 36.25" (Mens) / 35.25" (Ladies) L,A,R,S RH/LH
 #Pitching Wedge  44° 64.0° 35.75" (Mens) / 34.75" (Ladies) L,A,R,S RH/LH