Tour Edge HL4 Iron Set

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Tour Edge HL4 Iron

Buy the Tour Edge HL4 Iron from Just Say Golf. Free 2-Day Shipping. Hand-Built in the USA with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Available in Steel KBS Tour 90 Shaft (R or S) $60 each or Graphite UST Mamiya HL4 (Senior, Regular, Stiff, Ladies) $70 each


HL4 irons incorporate an expanded undercut cavity to provide maximum forgiveness and consistent performance. Featuring advanced toe weighting, the soft 431 stainless steel design provides great accuracy and feel for players of all levels.

Vast undercut cavity allows weight to be moved away from the face and into the sole for a higher MOI, launch angle, and enhanced forgiveness.

The lower and deeper CG allowed the HL4 irons to be power-lofted for added distance and lower spin with the same launch characteristics as a standard lofted iron. This makes for a modern long distance iron design that will provide extra distance and straighter shots with the same apex height expected from each iron.

A shallower face height and a wider sole leads to a deeper CG for an easier launch.


Delivers maximum forgiveness and consistent power on every shot


Creates an expanded sweet spot and maximizes stability on impact


Provides a deeper CG and added weight in the wider sole

Custom Options Available

Length Options: Available up to 2" Longer and up to 2" shorter in 0.5" increments (Based off of standard length)

Grip Size Options: Undersize (Ladies), Standard or Midsize

Flex Options Graphite: Ladies (48g), Senior Flex (55g), Regular Flex (57g), Stiff Flex (60g) with UST Mamiya HL4 Shafts Designed for Tour Edge HL4 Products

Flex Options Steel: Regular Flex (95g), Stiff Flex (102g) with KBS Tour 90 Steel Shaft


Loft Lie Standard Length Flex Hand
4-22° 61.0° 38.75" (Mens) / 37.75" (Ladies) L,A,R,S RH/LH
5-25° 61.5° 38.25" (Mens) / 37.25" (Ladies) L,A,R,S RH/LH
6-28° 62.0° 37.75" (Mens) / 36.75" (Ladies) L,A,R,S RH/LH
7-31° 62.5° 37.25" (Mens) / 36.25" (Ladies) L,A,R,S RH/LH
8-35° 63.0° 36.75" (Mens) / 35.75" (Ladies) L,A,R,S RH/LH
9-40° 63.5° 36.25" (Mens) / 35.25" (Ladies) L,A,R,S RH/LH
 PW-44°  64.0° 35.75" (Mens) / 34.75" (Ladies) L,A,R,S RH/LH
AW-49° 64.0° 35.75" (Mens) / 34.75" (Ladies) L,A,R,S RH/LH
SW-54° 64.0° 35.75" (Mens) / 34.75" (Ladies) L,A,R,S RH/LH
LW-59°  64.0°   35.75" (Mens) / 34.75" (Ladies)   L,A,R,S   RH/LH